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Reusable 4-Bit Binary Adder [Algodoo only]

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Author: RBS16

Group: Default

Filesize: 43.72 kB

Date added: 2010-11-24

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1181

Views: 1133

Comments: 3

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

4 bit

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This is a 4-bit binary adder that runs mostly on gravity. (Basically a mechanical calculator that adds numbers in binary.) It is very similar to the first 4-bit adder I uploaded with logic gates way back in Phunbox 1.
The main difference is that this one can be reused without resetting anything. Also this time entire adders have taken the place of logic gates.

This machine is almost entirely based off of a 4-bit adder I made out of K'nex, everything is just squished into 2D. I got the idea for my K'nex adder from the guys at But my design is quite different and eventually I will post it on my blog


A and B are the input numbers. Define each one by going to each 8, 4, 2, and 1 input station and dragging a circle to either A True or A False, and then to B True or B False.

If you understand binary it should be obvious enough but if you don't just make sure each input station below the four circle nozzles is holding EXACTLY TWO circles in any combination.

TO START ADDING PRESS ENTER (do not hold more than a couple seconds).

Now wait and watch the balls trickle down. The sum of A and B will appear in binary in the large 0/1 display at the bottom. The balls get sent back to the top and you can repeat the entire process without resetting anything.

If there is an error and you are sure you did not misuse the adder it is likely some of the circles collided while flying through an intersection. This is the tricky part of working in two dimensions and is hard to fix.

Note that this scene does not use any thyme and the adding mechanism itself it only runs on power from gravity. The scene was made in Algodoo and I think it should run in Phun but I'm honestly not sure.

I hope you all enjoy! :lol:


Okay, I just tested this in Phun and it turns out it does not work. So I;m sorry but for now this only works in Algodoo.

I may make a Phun version eventually.
Last edited at 2010/11/24 06:21:25 by RBS16
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I was really hoping for this to work- it is sleek and seems like it would work fast. But when I press "Enter" nothing happens.
It works for me downloading to Algodoo but I just realized it does not work in Phun which is probably your problem. Sorry! :/ I really wish it worked in Phun.
Kewl!! gj