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Author: DC-Roussey

Group: Default

Filesize: 293.27 kB

Date added: 2010-10-11

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 4701

Views: 1284

Comments: 9

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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Hey guys! Long time since ive done something on phun so I though I should put a scene together. I realised how fun this was making ways to kill bob, so i've decided to make a series! Credits to EPR_89 (As always) for the Bob ragdoll!

Weapons in order from left to right- (Sorry I didn't do much research)

1. Pirate Sword?

2. Gladius

3. Scimitar

4. Kama

5. Custom Weapon

6. Katana (I know, I know, there's a name for, but it just means a sword in general k? Ok.)

7. Broadsword

8. (I forgot the name for this one, so i'll just call it the inward blade.. thingy...)

9. Rennaisance Foil

10. Greatsword A.K.A. The Annihilator

11. Custom Weapon

12. Customized Medieval Flail

13. Custom Weapon (I like to think of it as Zabuza's sword from Naruto.)

14. Large Gladius

15. Custom Sword

I'm also going to need suggestions for weapons and/or ways to kill Bob. Thanks for reading. Have Phun!

P.S. I'll make custom weapons and weapons by request just for you! Just leave a comment
Last edited at 2010/10/11 19:52:18 by DC-Roussey
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Comment removed...
Last edited at 2011/03/13 23:13:23 by DC-Roussey
I like it!:tup:
fun:D But lag very much on my pc:D 8/10
I told you to delete the extra person..
And + that's your computer.. It works fine on mine.
I'm glad you guys are commenting but are there any ideas or recommendations?
teavh me how to upload
To upload this is what you do. Search for the folder called, "Algodoo Phun Edition." Then you go to scenes, and upload whatever scene you have created.
Not complaining about this scene in particular but there are a million "Bob's Death" scenes and most of them suck :| .

Not this one, though. I mean the others. :tup: :lol:
Last edited at 2010/10/16 06:54:28 by glitchhater