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screenshot of the scene

Author: Cristianol

Group: Default

Filesize: 383.23 kB

Date added: 2010-09-27

Rating: 6.7

Downloads: 1756

Views: 1443

Comments: 22

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

There are not many things I can do to an Iphone in phun, but i've only done this to show a jealous cheater that if he wants a war, he'll have one.

Controls: Enter to turn it on, U to unblock it and the hand tool to move.

//play nice//
Last edited at 2010/10/02 14:30:04 by Cristianol
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Much better than his. Using texture tool? What a nub.

Just report him, man. The admins will help you out.
it looks like he copied my 3 cylinder spring engine and modefied it!!!:grr:
okey anyone who actually is stupid enough to go to his scenes and rate and report them down cuz chirs here told you so. Will probarly get a moth ban and a permanent rating ban.
Like I actually got :*)
but that guy really deserves it
Cristianol, really, being that much of a flowering retard and banning me! Actually I don't really care because I don't even like that account. But still, you copied my idea on your iphone. It sucks, bad. I dont see why its better at all, its the same as mine except you have a useless login screen. Anyone can do that, its so simple.
Last edited at 2010/10/01 19:37:54 by Paradigm 29
Last edited at 2010/09/28 00:26:33 by Cristianol
cool.... :tup:
Hahaha he got banned! Pure justice. That was probably because I reported him.
It's not up to you if he deserves it. You file a report and then you don't say a word about it. -Keep it simple
NICE:tup: suck hot peppers:lol: is that better:lol:
Last edited at 2010/10/21 04:16:20 by wapperott
wapper thats a bad word and children under 10 visit this website
please keep it clea:cool:
wapperott is a 12 naughty boy :y
how did paradigm 29 edit bfuitckch's comment ??????????????????????????????????????????????????­?????????????????????????????????:blink: :huh: :s
I made a I pod touch too:lol:
cristianol got banned ?? how ??
Paradigm 29 is freaking awesome. THIS is how he edited the comment
Paradigm 29 is a moderator
im acttually 13 now so...:lol:
much better then his, much better, u have turn on button ,unlock button, its much better than that guys wit crappy name
i still say much better than his and btw I GOT ALGODOO YEAAAAAAHHHH