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2A042 4 Stroke Boxer Aero Engine Collision Type

screenshot of the scene

Author: Gent

Group: Default

Filesize: 63.55 kB

Date added: 2010-09-16

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 5345

Views: 2367

Comments: 12

Ratings: 14

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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This is a fairly accuratly sized model of a military 2A042 engine.
These engines have a 3 inch bore and stroke.
Its fairly hard to work at this size!
Only simple oncollide scripting used.
The engine will start automaticly, you can delete the "hand" from the prop to prevent auto start.
Turning on air friction will load the engine and it can be adjusted in the options box. Its possible to load it to the point of stalling or breaking.
The collision dropdown box allows disabling the ignition, handy for tuning.
The dropdown for the starter is also handy to allow turning it slowly.
Left arrow to turn in the correct direction to run, right arrow reverse and down to brake. Turning the engine too slowly at start can cause failure and is very dangerous with a "real" engine.
R will release the engine.

I thought the small size would allow more speed but but it seems I'm about maxed out for this style of 4 stroke, outrunning the 100hz frame rate I suspect, feel free to improve it! I have tried laser triggering and it doesnt work any better?

Credits again to Conundrummer and Kilinich for the Cgears, polygon gears will not stay in time at these speeds at all!

I may try to make a more detailed throttleable version but I already spent a ton of time on this and I started it for an attempt at Kilinich's flying machine contest LOL

Please comment and rate!

Updated, better starting reliability and slight apperance improvement.
Update, -4 version had a problem with the improved "hand" -4.1 change uploaded
Update 4.2 just some details still working on it
Last edited at 2011/05/21 18:26:36 by Gent
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10/10 Very small!
Very impressive. :tup:
Thanks guys stay tuned I'm still working on it:)
you are a genius!!! IS A VERY VERY VERY COOL SCENE!!! 10/10
:tup: :tup: :tup:
Thanks Jack97 :cool: I'm continuing to develop and update this to improve reliability, speed, power and apperance:angel:
10/10:tup: :tup: :tup:
10/10 excellent engine!!! :tup:
Thanks guys:) another newer version 4.2 is uploaded adding some details
Great work!!! 10/10:cool:
Thank you pfjeka I REALY like your ejection seat, its giving me some ideas _o_
Thanks, I think this is one of the best performing true 4 stroke