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Road Rage 2: Airborne (2 Player)

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Author: Dezzeron

Group: Default

Filesize: 191.73 kB

Date added: 2010-09-07

Rating: 7.5

Downloads: 18915

Views: 3554

Comments: 15

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun

Road rage,
2 player,

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"Where were going, we wont need roads."
-Doc Brown

First off, I give a lot of thanks to xmaster360, for making the Situtation Critical series, he gave me the inspration for this! Check them out here: … ction=DESC

Now, for my version, you were on your way to the U.S.A after your last mission, but, you heard that terroists were on their way to a city, we dont know what they plan on doing, but its obvious its nothing good. They will be sorry they crossed paths with two ex-marines... (Or one, if you want to do single player:P) Take out the helicopters as fast as you can, and destroy the big chinook by pushing the lever forewards!

CONTROLS: W,A,S,D for the red ragdoll, and ARROW KEYS for the green ragdoll. Press ENTER for single player mode.

There are 3 terroist helicopters, make sure you take all of them out! If you have played any Situation Critical game, you know what to do, just destroy the cars by finding their weak spots, or just by ramming them!


Last edited at 2010/09/07 05:22:15 by Dezzeron
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Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Road Rage (2 PLAYER!) Read Disc. Dezzeron 6.8 (5 votes) 4587 4 2010/08/27 16:21:36
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Interesting, but kinda hard.
Suggestion for next topic: In a sports car and you have to chase down terrorists (Also in cars) and kill them with ur assorted weapons.
make more :tup: :tup: :tup:
it's very cooool!!:D
That... is... GREAT!!!! :lol:
cool. u can make a nother one where there are another set of controls that let u drive the car/plain/train/whatever:tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup: :tup:
It's more like "air rage":lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
i vote for air rage as new title
Its the sequal, so it has the first ones name, thats why I added the "Airborne" part.
Make one that there in a boat and its sinking and get the terroist in the boats before they get to land;) 10\10
MAKE MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1_o_ _o_ :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :bonk: :bonk: :angel: :angel: :*) :) :) :) :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin:
lol i put the car on in front facing the bad guys and put it in slow mo and CRRRRRRAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!!
woooha cool 10/10:coolgrin: :coolgrin: :coolgrin: :lol: :tup: :tup: :tup: :*) _o_ _o_ _o_
WHILE IN THE PLANE.. I cant get out soooooo HARD but its fun 10/10:/
Nice job! Quite like pulling that red lever and making that chinook fall onto the helicopters;)