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Situation Critical 11(2 player)

screenshot of the scene

Author: xmaster360

Group: Default

Filesize: 200.22 kB

Date added: 2010-08-22

Rating: 7.7

Downloads: 9279

Views: 2541

Comments: 21

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 6

Made with: Phun

flying car

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The story goes like this:
Once upon a time, I got an idea of a S.C. in space (that was in June). I started making it and was happy about it and for a time, it was good.
But then something bad happened. I lost all interest in playing Phun. So the project was delayed for unknown time...

But NOW, about three months after any activity, I return, with an all new S.C., featuring new elements mixed with old school style... In space.

But no, really, what I did in the past 2 hours, was more than I made in all of summer. I just needed a rest.
I'm not sure how you'll like this one, it's a lot like the first S.C.-s, with all the fun moments.

Also, just because I finally did this, doesn't mean I'll just start making a new S.C. every week. So be patient...

Player 1 --- a,w,s,d
Player 2 --- Arrows

Till next time, have phun!

Oh yeah, still no actual plane. It's kinda funny how much I'm delaying making it. Maybe next time... :)
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Responses to this scene
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How did you do that it flies?
and I know
sweet yes more old school
make one with your breakable car that would be sweet
looks cool:tup:
its an awsome upload:cool: how come you other guys didn't comment on other uploads you guys are not showing much support to the creator i was the only one commenting:angel:
this is so awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks people, glad you enjoyed. It fells good to be back on stage.
This is the best of S.C's you made! The spaceships are going very fast and asteroids are hiting them. Your game is cool! :tup: :tup: :tup: 10000000000000000000000000000000:10!
I beat it! I crashed all the shups! 10/10 :D
Like it! and iŽUnited Nations Space Corps pnged! <Halo for anyone?
Very nice. I had a blast running all the ships into the ground and walls, and each other, but, the ships need to be more destryoable. That is my only complaint, otherwise very fun scene! Now excuse me while I go to play it some more! :*) 9/10 (Just cause the arn't breakable enough, and check out some of my scenes!)
Last edited at 2010/08/26 15:13:37 by Dezzeron
Yeah, I didn't think of that. Maybe I could make an improved version.
thats really good :tup:
Thanks for replying! And BTW I hope you dont mind, but Iv'e made my own version of them, go here! … p?id=45685
I give you credits for the idea!
Last edited at 2010/08/27 16:22:49 by Dezzeron
are you done
:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:
BEST situation critical EVER!!!!
this is one of the best scenes in all of phun.

i made my own version, but will not upload it. it has destroyable platforms and stuff, but yours is still better
hi please can you send me a download in mediafire or sumthing cos this download isnt working, me and my freind love playing this but i accidently deleted it so please send me the link:(