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Back To The Future DeLorean DMC-12 [Mega Realisim]

screenshot of the scene

Author: Dezzeron

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.52 MB

Date added: 2010-08-19

Rating: 7.8

Downloads: 5775

Views: 2838

Comments: 15

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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This is possibly my most detailed car ever! Over 665 objects on the car alone, and its not even breakable. I might make the orignal DeLorean DMC-12, without all the mods, if you guys want. I will let you decide what car I should make next...

Ultra-Realistic looks,
Real weight*,
Real Length and height,
Good Suspension (Or mabye not, I cant do suspension good...)
Small test track (Just a few bumps),
But, it can't travel in time...:/

CONTROLS: A to move forward, D for reverse, and S for brake.

*I've finally found out what I've been doing wrong on the weight...


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Last edited at 2010/08/19 23:09:24 by Dezzeron
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Realistic Hummer H2 [BREAKABLE!] Dezzeron 7.1 (11 votes) 4846 8 2010/08/16 04:22:47
show grid
Now just make it hover!:P Great job, 10/10
I made one travel in time.
Well, it was just a trick. I had 2 Deloreans and one came out of a background-colored box 30 seconds after the other one hit 88 MPH and took off.
Epic win. Everything is just perfect!
WOW! Very Rrealistic:tup: and Great depth^^
I like DeLorean and your this scene!!
But behavior of the suspension...

BTW I made a BTTF DeLorean.

The amount of details on this is stunning... Now make it hover and go back to the future! :D :*) :lol:
So cool!!_o_
Oh it's my DeLorean!!! It return after my experiment... oh... but i wants to sent it in 2110-08-20 ... Hm... Maybe after the incident with Billy, Tesla coil and DeLorean equipment was fail ... But I am glad that the car is back!:tup:
Thanks everyone! @Key9651: What do you mean by "But behavior of suspension..." I cant tell wheter or not you like the suspension with that...
Thanks for reply_o_

Your suspension is good. But press brake when, the car will sink.
(Sorry in strange English. I'm Japanese)
key is right, the suspension needs work
usually what i do to solve sinking is tho put the part of the arm that is connected to the car BELOW the center of the wheel

also, the details are quite amazing on the machinery, but you might have been able to improve on the body itself to better show of the stainless steel.

note: lethalsheep (as in the combo of me an lethal squirl) has the 1970 gto that has around 1000 pieces (we had to cut back to that)

over all it does look very good indeed, but suspension and the body panels kinda dull it up a bit. and it definitly beats the low quality junk that i see too much these days
I wish someone would make a Delorean Time Machine that could vanish just like in the movie. You'd speed up on the track and when you reach a speed it would show loads of effects and the car will be gone. That'd be awesome.
it would be possible but that would be more like self-destruct a thing hits something a lot of balls with or without tracers is spawned they makes anything they hit get liquefied to water in some cool colour and then they disappear (with other words algodoo density = 0 phun density = 0.00000001 BTW 0 density wont work in phun it will crash it) it would be 3 different scripts 1) a script made in console for all the car parts. 2) a script to spawn the balls. 3) a script to delete/remove the balls :tup:
why did you make the one from back to the future 2?
the original didnt have the mr fusion
I made an Crashable DeLorean. :rolleyes: