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torture bob as best as you can

screenshot of the scene

Author: jmloudon97

Group: Default

Filesize: 99.92 kB

Date added: 2010-08-18

Rating: 5

Downloads: 745

Views: 1339

Comments: 15

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

try to torture bob in the most horrifying way you can. i will judge and the winner will have there torture device on one of my uploads. if you enter, upload a scene with your device and call it "torture bob for jmloudon97" it can be as big as you want it to be
Last edited at 2010/08/18 21:46:35 by jmloudon97
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I wish I could but I don't know how to upload :( :( :( :( :(
What do you mean, you don't know how to upload? You have six scenes on your profile already.
well now I don't know how to upload EPR_89 my friend did it for me. he knows alot about computers. But I can't figure it out :( how do you upload :s
Last edited at 2010/08/19 14:47:47 by Mr. moo moo4
Alright, I'm going to explain it to you step by step.

First of all, there are two ways to upload a scene. As a scene response (like Dezzeron's scene here) or as a original scene. Basically they work the same way. If you want to post a scene response you click the button "add scene response". It is on the right side of the name of thes scene next to the "report" button.
If you want to post an original scene you simply click the "upload". This one is in the white field under the orange main bar of Algobox.

The menu that will show up is the same for both cases.

Step 1: Select file
Here you have to find the scene on your computer, so that it can be uploaded.

Step 2: title
Think of a good name for your scene.

Step 3: description
Tell the people what they have to expect from this scene, what they have to do etc.

Step 4: upload file

There are a few boxes that can be used to enable/restrict all kind of things, but the default setting should be enugh for the start.
I hope I could help you a bit. It's really not that hard. And if you make a mistake (for example selecting the wrong file on your computer or maybe you have found a spelling error in the description) you can always edit every single step afterwards. Just give it a try.
Last edited at 2010/08/20 12:15:54 by EPR_89
epr_89 hi i appreciate you helping other people :tup:. can you help me on making a motorcycly for bob
Maybe. I don't have much time at the moment, but with a good concept many things are possible. I have built one before.
We should discuss this through PMs in the forums rather than in the comment section of a scene, though.
well EPR_89 the problem is i can't find it on my computer :(
The scenes you create in Phun are saved in the Phun folder on your computer. There should be a subfolder named "scenes". That's where all the scenes that you save in Phun are.
If you have problems with finding the Phun main folder, just use the search function of your computer. I doubt that there are many programs on your PC that have the name Phun.
Well My friend found it but we can't find it now. AND we tried searching it and we STILL can't find it. well if you can't help me anymore thats ok :( but thanks for helping :|
I assume you start Phun via a desktop or a start menu icon. You could find the folder by checking where the icon links to.
I don't know anything about computers, so how would I find whwere it links to? :s
Eight click on the icon. Then click on the last option in the appearing menu (properties). A new small window will pop up and there you should find something called goal. On its right side you will see something like that.


That is the path to your Phun execution file. So C:\Programmes\Phun (or whatever the path is on your computer) is the path to the Phun folder.

If even that doesn't work for some reason try reinstalling Phun. When you do that you can choose where the folder will be. But if you follow my instructions you won't have any problems finding it. Really a pity that I don't live near you. It would be a matter of seconds until I would have that folder.
Last edited at 2010/08/23 20:08:50 by EPR_89
Thanks EPR_89 I will try reinstalling Phun :) even though it will erase the scenes I want to upload ill just make em again :) but if it dosen't work I will tell you so make sure keep checking ;) Yeah I live in America what about you? :)
Last edited at 2010/08/24 02:00:32 by Mr. moo moo4
I live in Germany. A bit too far for checking where a folder is, isn't it?:lol:
I think reinstalling does not erase the other Phun folder. It still is somewhere on your computer.
If your friend installed Phun to the default folder chosen by the installer it could even be possible that the scenes are still there. If I remember correctly reinstalling hun to the same folder again will only restore the system files and folders, i.e. everything that was added later - like your scenes - will stay.
Last edited at 2010/08/24 11:32:33 by EPR_89
oh :D thats good to know :) thx EPR_89