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Pheonix Warship (prototype)

screenshot of the scene

Author: |)aFt Punk

Group: Default

Filesize: 45.3 kB

Date added: 2010-07-27

Rating: 7.6

Downloads: 2851

Views: 1300

Comments: 17

Ratings: 15

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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I am currently working on an armed version of the Pheonix Airship.
This is the prototype, which includes the same rotateable turbines as always.
some parts have been made semi-transparent to allow you to see the mechanics and workings inside.
it also includes some gliding technology to boost flight manuverability.
im not sure who invented the technology, but its not entirely mine.

Controls Are: (as always)

left and right arrow keys to rotate turbine.
up and down keys to turn the "fin" located on the tail. (not sure what its called)
enter/ return to start engine.
(it is advised that you aim turbines forward before flight)

as of now, there are no brakes, armaments, or vertical takeoff capabilities.
takeoff and flight is aso somwhat bumpy...
soon, i will add weapons (including the missles i promised), and other extras to make this an awesome aircraft.

Please Comment and Rate!
Also, tell me what you might want to see in the finished design!
Last edited at 2010/07/31 19:15:55 by |)aFt Punk
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Missiles? :huh: 10/10
Last edited at 2010/07/27 19:52:06 by ajb103
Nice idea, but it's hard to control.. (8/10) :)
Looks good. It is definately hard to control, so I hope you simplify it a bit. I would also like to see retractable landing gear, Maybe a dashboard if you have the skills? Not to mention rag doll needs improvement, and clothes!

Anyway I think it will be good. 8/10.
yea, it still needs lots of impovement.
this scene was just a test of the flight performance, so not much was put in yet.
the ragdoll was just to test how bouncy the flight was :P
Very good!!! 9/10
I had a very similar thing I started on a few months ago just to test the 3D spinning fan blade idea but I never finished the scene. Mine flies but is a little slow. I posted it as a scene response.
Last edited at 2010/07/28 02:11:35 by wild bill
All is fine, but in real life VTOL can not rotate the thrust vector more than 90 degrees along the axis of the aircraft.

You should also move the "screws" closer to the center of gravity along the longitudinal axis, otherwise the vertical position of the screws aircraft begins to turn back.
I can't fly 1/10:tdown:
cellers, i am not sure what "screws" you are talking about
What are these "screws"?
also, this is not meant to be super realistic. its meant to be Phun.
the rotating turbines were left unrestricted to give the craft more manuverability. (though some manuvers could rip apart a real modern aircraft)

egg zone 1, either you havent fully read the instructions, are using algodoo, or you just suck. can you not see that it CLEARLY flies for other people? lag may also be the problem, but you shouldnt go around rating 1's for no real reason...:(
Last edited at 2010/07/28 21:25:06 by |)aFt Punk
For me it is easy to fly it.:cool: I can make a looping with it. And the idea is very good. 10/10:tup:
Pheonix Warship fly around and falling down i can't drive it:cry::bonk:
Good work
Good Job 10/10
my stuff cant work in algodoo i guess
|)aFt Punk
works perfect in algodoo too


@screws@ мeans @turbines@ or @blades@ :cool:
i was expecting the same controls as the beluga but quickly figured out how to flay it
Wow, cool! It can even be flown backwards:D It could use some more speed, though. And controllability when the turbines are not pointed forwards. Other than that, this is great! _o_
things that would be cool:

controlable speed, vertical takeoff and a mouse aimable machinegun (with these things you could do a futuristic version of Kilinich's Mi-24 game)