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Vietnam Grenade Trap

screenshot of the scene

Author: boilerrat

Group: Default

Filesize: 434.73 kB

Date added: 2010-07-19

Rating: 5.8

Downloads: 1144

Views: 1664

Comments: 7

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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A trap based on one of the most deadly carelessness the soldiers could have been during the vietnam war, the Americans would discard their LAW tubes which then would be recovered by the Vietnamese and filled with grenades who had the pins pulled out. Upon hitting the trip wire, or being dropped by the enemy directly, the tube would swing down from the trees using centrifugal force and pulling the grenade levers up throwing the grenades out of the tube onto their feet. Killing all of them.

This also was an important lesson for all military's, in our current times most do not discard items like this or even empty magazines for the fear of them being turned into booby traps or IED's.

Special thanks to Poprocks4 for his ragdoll found here:

I'd also like to thank Livirus for his wonderful grenade used in my scene:

Everything else besides those items, were done by me.


Cut the longest chain on the left.

Thank you, and enjoy

EDIT: Improved the look of the tube.
Last edited at 2010/07/20 02:20:14 by boilerrat
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Responses to this scene
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Title: Re: Vietnam Grenade Trap
Rating: 6
Filesize: 422.77 kB
Downloads: 929
Comments: 1
Ratings: 3
Date added: 2010/07/22 17:59:14
Made with: Phun
Rating: rated 6
_o_ 10/10_o_ Very good job with the grenade lineup with the tube, i recommend covering the tube so it looks more realistic :tup:
Love the info and the soldiers!:lol:
Sorry if you guys encounter any problems with the grenades exploding when starting the scene, I believe I have fixed it.

Reply if you have any more issues.
hey boilerrat, i made a actual working one using yours, im posting it as a responce.
i used a pressure pad that uses series of hinges to move a killer that cuts the rope
check it out
Last edited at 2010/07/22 18:18:41 by ODSTFreak98
Tehe, can't say the Vietnamese are stupid, and also, you ragdoll sitations and the grenade are the same:bonk: :bonk:
this is the grenade: