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Geared Weapons 1: Eletron-Volt

screenshot of the scene

Author: Gear97

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.9 MB

Date added: 2010-07-04

Rating: 6

Downloads: 1151

Views: 629

Comments: 9

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Desc. in scene ! HAVE A NICE DAY !
Last edited at 2010/07/11 13:13:28 by Gear97
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Kool :*)
Last edited at 2010/07/05 00:04:55 by Cristianol
empty scene -,-
you need to download the last version of algodoo, it's not empty
Nice scene 10/10:*) and you have a best scene Gear97:tup:
But sometimes he doesn't explode.

@egg zone1: I think this is his best one :)
Wow ! Thanks for these good comments :tup: _o_ :tup: :lol:
i need to upload my scenes sooner-.-

i made a PPC using a similar concept, but never uploaded it because of its likehood to attach springs to the underlying objects-.-

in real life, the concept is feasible - but how would you be able to hold plasma properly?
@RA2lover I think that plasma would be charged to create eletric repulsion and propel plasma like in the Teleforce cannon of Nikola Tesla (but Tesla's cannon shoot charged mercury particles) and hold plasma is very easy but since you have necessary energy but I think that using something like a Van de Graff to make the plama be repelled by the walls. (but a Van de Graff with a very special desing)
Last edited at 2010/07/24 20:39:12 by Gear97