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Tape Player

screenshot of the scene

Author: RBS16

Group: Default

Filesize: 152 kB

Date added: 2010-06-26

Rating: 5.1

Downloads: 1095

Views: 597

Comments: 1

Ratings: 2

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Made with: Phun


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This is a video tape player that draws an animation to a 12 by 11, 10 color grayscale screen with actual pixels.

The notable thing about it is that every possible frame of the screen is determined by a single box's properties.
This was not easy to do since there are
10^(12 * 11) = 10^132
combinations for the screen.
Which means there are 10^132 unique sets of box properties.

Shift - Insert/eject tape holder
Enter - Play/Pause
Right - Fast forward
Left - Rewind
(You can fast forward or rewind while playing or paused, also down will stop ff or rw quickly.)

Changing the motor speed in the Play Speed panel will change how fast the tape is played.

The Counter tape is already loaded into the machine so all you need to do is hit shift to insert it then enter to play it. When you do some numbers should appear on the little black square on the top of the device, this is the screen.

To change tapes eject the tape holder (shift) and drag the old tape out and a new one in. The orange boxes are only there to help guide the tapes in since it can be tricky.
Especially because the scene has so many objects (mostly from the tapes with a lot of frames) so it is bound to lag which makes dragging accurately more difficult.

You can throw old tapes in the trash to remove some unneeded objects.

I have included 8 demo tapes, some have have only one frame and some have hundreds. The higher up the tapes are on the rack the more frames they have.

The Metamorphosis II tape is part of Escher's Metamorphosis II, though it might be hard to tell. Originally the screen was half the size of the machine but I realized I had to shrink it so the pixels flowed together more like a real screen.

At first it was all going to be color video (still 10 colors) but it ran impossibly slow when I tried. The grayscale "box property to color" function turned out to be much more efficient.

This is just a first version and just demo tapes though I think it works pretty well. If it does lag a lot I'm sorry but it's probably because of the many tape frame objects and because of the 132 calculations it does for every frame it reads.

I may have a more compact and hopefully more efficient version someday.

If someone really likes it and wants me to make a tape for them I could. I would need a bitmap 11 pixels in height that has their desired frames all in a row or is a single "landscape" that will be scrolled through. Keep in mind that all colors would be changed to 10 shades of gray between (and including) black and white.
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:o I found the secret video :tup: