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M16 A4 (3 burst/

screenshot of the scene

Author: Raydeg

Group: Default

Filesize: 72.99 kB

Date added: 2010-06-16

Rating: 7

Downloads: 2763

Views: 1936

Comments: 20

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

Model 16,

Scene tag

Maker's Note
The M16 was the first weapon that got me interested in weapons, so that's why I chose to make this.

How to use this rifle:

*The rifle has a magazine capacity at 30 rounds/or Infinite if you press "1". (not numpad)

*When the magazine is empty, press "r" to reload the weapon with another 30 rounds.

*Switch between "3 round" burst and "semi automatic" by pressing "d".

*Aim and shoot using your mouse.

You can check information (ammo, firing mode, if it fires) about the weapon in a box that is BELOW the weapon.

You can make your own modifications and upload them wih credits

I'll make an example modification in a few days.

Subscribe for more of my scenes.

Comments means a big deal to me. I love to get feedback so please take a few seconds and write me one.

Last edited at 2010/06/16 22:15:00 by Raydeg
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oh yea, whrite in fat letters, it less anyoing then capitals and more readable then this small text. cept... idk how to whrite like that:o
[b"]text[/b"] remove the " and it will look like this text;)
Simple, Realistic, Awesome, Fun! perfect scene man!
Thank you. I really like your Glock 17
likke this?
Yes like that now you got it;)
[b]this is awesome!!![b]
this isn't fat.
piss on this.
your m16 is awesome
you need to write this without the " [b"][/b"]
btw, the m16 burst mechanism was intended to stop "trigger-happiness", and doesn't fire if the trigger is released before all the 3 shots are fired.
Yeah I thought so but I wasn't sure about it. It's a really clever mechanism.
wow thats awesome!
I'm awesome.
You sure are;)
Please make a phun version
Last edited at 2010/08/22 20:08:28 by aaaq6
So I know this scene can lag alot and I'm making a low lag version. It's kinda done. It doesn't lag. I have removed the magazine capacity so it will have inf+ bullets all time. I'm also making a Pimped version of the M16A4 so that should be up on Algobox and ready for download in a few days.
Take care
//Raydeg ;D
can u make a automatic version?
there is a automatic version of the gun in real life.
I know. The script is easaly changed into fully automatic. I think you could do this yourself perhaps?:P:tup:
I cant use it. When i unpause, it disappear. Plz help