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Mouse Controlled Air support

screenshot of the scene

Author: Raydeg

Group: Default

Filesize: 323.81 kB

Date added: 2010-06-09

Rating: 8.6

Downloads: 28977

Views: 6294

Comments: 38

Ratings: 19

Times favored: 20

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

Mouse Operated,
air support,

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:'^"``^``>2000+ DOWNLOADS<^"^':
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I'm Glad YOU liked it. I've started making another one so I need YOUR ideas. Post a COMMENT with you suggestion

This is something that was not planned to be uploaded but as it became better and better I uploaded it anyway.

This is a camp in the desert and is not reffering to any war. There's targets with different IDs and your goal is to eliminate all targets.

Do you want to know how it works? The script is in this Scene

How to call in Air Support
RED means lag warning so be careful with these.

1. press and hold "1" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to shoot 60mm rounds at the target.

2. press and hold "2" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to shoot 60mm incendiary rounds at the target.

3. press and hold "3" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to drop Highly explosive bombs over the target, Detonate the by pressing "CONTROL".

4. press and hold "4" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to launch a Armour piercing missile at the target.

5. press and hold "5" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to launch a Light explosive missile at the target.

6. press and hold "6" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to launch a Heavy explosive missile at the target.

7. press and hold "7" and click/hold with the left mouse click at the target to launch a Nuke that is detonated where the mouse was when you launched it. Launch it over the target.

8. Press "ENTER" to toggle Slow Motion Mode

You can load the truck with people and press "-" and it'll start driving along with the Humvee.

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Last edited at 2011/05/16 21:45:52 by Raydeg
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cool man can you add one more thing a napalm bomb
Doesn't work for me. I have 1.7.2
1.7.2? I didn't know 1.7.2 was out yet.

P.S. This is freakin' awesome. 10/10
Last edited at 2010/06/10 11:05:49 by Dare
In fact, I like this so much, I'm favouriting it. This is a scripting masterpiece.
Works now, Deleted 1.7.2 and now I have 1.7.1 .
Favorited and 9/10, The nuke wont explode if it crashes to the cars, dudes or the houses. It explodes if it touches the ground.
You need to aim in the air to make the nuke explodeable. it's triggered by a laser that makes it explode at the mouse position when you launched it. So aim above the target and it'll work nice;)
Why there's stuff in the air? move right and you can see them. There's a cannon(gun or whatever), a shelter and some walls and a army dude.
Oops forgot to erase those.

I can explain it: there usesd to be a plane and that would be a command base that wounded soliders could get extracted to with a helicopter. Still working on that.

I'll update the scene

Last edited at 2010/06/11 17:13:35 by Raydeg
i really like the napalm artillery
when I play it, half of the objects disappear and stuff goes flying everywhere
what version of algodoo do you have?
Maxey just reload the scene, sometimes the hinges spawn incorrectly making everything fly
best. scene. ever.
I've started making the next one. I've got one Chinook rescue helicopter and I need suggestion pos them here.:tup:
make a nuke:coolgrin:
is it omost done:mad:
played it 4 hours
I've made a nuke. Aim in the air <--important and press "7" and click left with your mouse.;)
i have a problem when i press play it blow up wats wrong wiv it
the car in front just blows up and disappear can any1 help
sometimes hinges can spawn wrong. Try downloading it again and if that wont work tell me what algodoo/phun version you're using:)
my version is 1.7.1
raydeg are u workin on new scenes
oh i got it to work
I'm making a breakable C-130J30 aircraft, Colt M1911 with blowback and bullets, mushroom cloud nuke and some other cool stuff:D
YEY I am a big fan of urs
me to
I love hearing people appriciate what I do. I'm gonna upload a scripted bomb soon and mushroom cloud nuke. I know it's been long but I hope you haven't given up on me just yet;)
This scene is amazing. Can you explain how you did those lasers activate when mouseclick?
1. Type a button in the laser activasion button (example "1")
2. select the laser and press ctrl+c and open notepad where you press ctrl+v.
3. here's the span code. Somewhere it should say actvasionButton := "1"; or something similar. Delete that text and type activasionButton := "1 mouse_left";
4. Copy the modified code, open Algodoo and press ctrl+v. A laser should appear. When you hold 1 + mouseLeftClick it should glow. delete the "1" and the space if you want it to be activated by only clicking with the mouse.
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