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screenshot of the scene

Author: dev8state

Group: Dare to be different

Filesize: 0.79 MB

Date added: 2010-06-08

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 2376

Views: 1485

Comments: 12

Ratings: 8

Times favored: 2

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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I hope you enjoy and improve this new idea on a fuel engine, It has taken about 3 days+ to make due to the challenges of this technique.

The challenge was fine tuning the timing to use low density forces needed to stabilize the engine while moving. Using capillary action to feed fuel injection flow and to adjust fuel spawn/pump speed.

F Toggles Fuel on/off
Right arrow to start
C Toggles Clutch
Left arrow to stall/reverse
Down arrow to brake

Press F to start the fuel. When the tank reaches the red fuel gage, tapp the Right arrow to start the engine. When the engine is running smoothly press C to engage the clutch.

Press F to turn off the fuel. Once the engine stops firing, press C to disengage the clutch and press the down arrow to brake.
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it stall on high rpm))
RE Gonzo:
I have a version where I added a backup killer if it back-fired. but wanted to keep it simple and realistic. Pushed the limits when tuning the fly-wheal mas and timing mark, so may very on reliability for PC spec+-? I'm sure someone can tune it better than me!

Dose work better without the springs, if you brace it (but real engines have springs)

While tuning i adjusted:
Red collision primer (spark plug) OnCollide script- Mass, size, (position y+), keeping mass down so the car can move.
Bottom of stroke mass killer position.
Fly-wheal Mass.
The mass and friction of moving parts.
Offset fly-wheal counterbalance.
Slit for fuel to flow (even with non parallel movement).

Most of all, please have a go at tuning or making one better, It has to be small, strong, use hardly any CPU and runs on liquid (no cheating!).

Well most of my time was trying to optimizing my original design so it worked. There is a lack of realistic combustion engines here (why I did this one).

Always best regards...
Nice gives me some ideas, always dangerous lol:tup:
PS a "real pump like that the fluid goes around the outside of the gears not between them try it you will be surprized
Cool, really well tuned. One thing I suggest to you:

In the spark plug script, add the velocity of the engine to the added red circle properties. And to the fuel delivery to maybe. Like:

addcircle:.... vel :=

This way the whole thing will keep its momentum and will be able of better high speed performance and reliability. It would also be more realistic because all things tend to keep its speed. And also this (keeping mass down so the car can move) would not be true anymore.
Cheers guys for the feedback, I have implemented both suggestions. The fuel pump idea was very successful!

I added vel := e.vel to the addCircle but it did not make much difference when the car was moving at high speed but it helped. I could see its effect but i think its the spawn point lagging as when the circle appears its a bit out of place sometimes.

I managed to bring down the mass of the circle, and that made a big difference, but i had to then re tune everything:bonk:

Its working a lot better now, I will play with it for a few more days then post version 2:)
I managed 35m/s on a 1000hz sim. Very cool engine, thought the clutch doesn't allow it to recoil much.
my PC is phenom II x4 925 @ 2.9 2gb ram, gtx 260 (216sp)
this is cool scene)) just i love high rpm)) honda fan))
Last edited at 2010/06/10 05:32:17 by Gonzo
liquid fuel... like if fuel could be solid lol
@Matawin3: its to let people know it uses liquid as a fuel. most engines here that do not. Also don't forget not all fuel is liquid. Hydrogen is a gas and Cole is solid. Some rockets use solid fuel. (You can find them on here). :cool:
Kindly @matawin3 - We should collaborate making a car, I have seen you're design's and there COOL. How about a destruct'ble car with a destruct'ble engine? I recon with some scaling and tuning it will work...
I use Algodoo 2.1.0 and it crashes when i downloaded