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My Own Concept

screenshot of the scene

Author: sanderwezep

Group: Default

Filesize: 87.6 kB

Date added: 2010-05-04

Rating: 6

Downloads: 610

Views: 714

Comments: 20

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

I've made a concept car with my own design

you drive with the arrow keys
the door opens with "w" and closes with "s"
you can control the seat with the numpad (2,4,8,6)

Please comment and rate!!

P.S.: The seat doesn't goes forewards and backwards very wel....
Last edited at 2010/05/04 15:55:59 by sanderwezep
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Plaidurism, if your too dumb to know what that means it means copying something and taking credit for it. By that I mean this is not your design of a concept car it is in fact Toyota's concept car for the next Toyota supra.
@klayking: it doesn't even look like a toyota supra concept
actually it really does:
http://i169.photobucket. … 37267.jpg
except yours is shaped like a rear engine try at it
still nice design
i actually like this version better
Last edited at 2010/05/04 17:23:30 by sheepborg
@sheepborg: the link doesn't work
Indeed I like this version also, I never said i don't like it. But to me it looks 95% identical to Supra Concept. The shape is the same. only difference is some added touches to the side skirt, bumper and lights. Other then that I don't see much difference
could someone post a working link to the picture u mean :s
because the pics i can find doesn't look like my car....
it isn't even close to my design :blink:
I agree with Sanderwezep, it looks nothng like his cincept car. :|
But, its awesome! 9/10

if you look at this angle and relate it to a side view, it really does look like it
cmon, even the break for the side window glass is in the same spot

the only differences are:
yours has simplified back
yours has an exta side scoop (while eliminating the upper one)
yours has an extended front vent
and yours has a windshield that carries to the back

the similarities are undenyable though
I really can believe he did this completely on his own. i mean. it really doesnt look all like it. the lights and total front of the car look NOTHING alike at all. . . the back a little but i cant see it being called the supra concept
I'm sorry but if you think it looks "Nothing" like it you need to seek help, And fyi just cause the lights are and front are SLIGHTLY different doesn't mean its his own creation. Plaidurism also counts for getting a design of something and changing it slightly... Although I admit something have been changed and are different. Theres still more things that look identical that out number it.
Im just sayin. it doesnt mean it was purposely done. ive drawn cars that look close to this and i knew nothing about a supra concept
your own concept is lame copy of Bugatti Veyrone?
Paha... Are we talking about the the same Bugatti Veyron? Cause im sorry i dont see where you see that ^^. I say it looks a lot like Supras concept. people agree. I doubt your you gonna find anyone dumb enough to agree with you on that one;)
well, remember that some people dont know there cars very well.
unlike people like me, who can tell you most cars that drive by
I agree it somewhat looks like an toyota supra, but it has alot of differences aswell, perhaps he should have tried to do it in another color.:P
but i like white:P
to me it looks kind of like a bugatti veyron/sirocco.
it's a really neat car you've designed!
4/10 _o_ _o_
Last edited at 2011/07/07 16:31:38 by phunjoe