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Super Soft Wheel Kit

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 122.85 kB

Date added: 2010-04-12

Rating: 7.7

Downloads: 1340

Views: 1454

Comments: 20

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

My next generation softwheel.
Now capable to survive high pressure and speed 200+ RPM.

Use it if you wish.
Pressure can be controlled by springs force and length.

p.s. Algodoo 1.7.1 completely f%ck up this scene so I can't give an algodoo version yet (works in 1.7.0 and prev).

Updated: minor fix - now its more stable and less jumpy
Last edited at 2010/04/13 16:43:21 by Kilinich
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Just in time!
how did you know i would need soft tires? :P

*hint - Kamaz
Last edited at 2010/04/12 21:25:31 by sheepborg
Hope you will like it! :y
these are great! 10/10
how could they be ajusted to make them less springy though?
dont want my big truck bouncing all over
2sheepborg: just select all wheel and tune up springs in it (they all the same).
For example increase dumping and decrease hardness.
If your car still too jumpy - increase density of wheel (and springs hardness)
Last edited at 2010/04/12 21:55:26 by Kilinich
tuning will take time, mainly to prevent a flat wheel but still make it softer All without exploding the wheel

note: i dont like textures because they require you to make the vehicle do something amazing what car actually does something amazing anyways?
you may enjoy my terex truck that i will post soon. no lag all the function!
and it still looks good

(terex now posted)
Last edited at 2010/04/12 22:38:17 by sheepborg
ололо а я не перешел на новую версию, так что качаю
Wow, super squishy and does not deform very much! This is a very good softwheel kit. 8|
Great!! It's very strong & very soft :tup:
My favorite scene!

I have a question for Kilinich.
●How write in bold text? Algobox account Log in failed yesterday..
Hmm...wonder what it was.
А я сломал довольно быстро...
и у меня подтормаживает
почему так?
2 cellers потому что ты неудачник;)
шутка. сломал и тормозит это опреленно причина и следствие (точнее наоборот).
для начала просто удали лишние колеса, ведь каждое состоит почти из 300 деталей и не всякий компьютер это потянет...
ну то что сломал это уже потом, когда пробовал 20-ти тонный грузовик на колеса поставить..
а вот то что тормозит - это не проходит и на мощных компьютерах
Works in 1.7.1 too, But when I copy the textured wheel the new wheel doesn't work.
2cellers А ну для 20-тонного просто увеличь плотность колес и жесткость пружин.
а тормоза как? может скрипты кошерные использовались?
i assembled the truck now, and the wheels are working out very well
i had to tweek them a whole lot, but with the addition of a limiter to make sure a very pointy rock wont kill the wheels, they work properly

all i have left to do is make a good track and then i can post
oh, the truck is 8x4 :lol:
OK OK OK....

u sold me

10/10 i love it
one questiion

how do you make a warning from kilinich and put a scene link into it????

just wonderin
sorry another question

(im bad at this)

What do i put the center hinge on?
@ phunbox1 This happens because you subscribed him ;)
Do you like to kill?