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screenshot of the scene

Author: Antotabo

Group: Default

Filesize: 53.73 kB

Date added: 2010-03-19

Rating: 7.4

Downloads: 1783

Views: 1297

Comments: 13

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 4

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Algodoo Only.

Featuring a truly functional and destructible Helicopter with electronic stabilization. Zoom out before start.

If you guys really want, I can do Phun version too. Leave a comment if you want his to happen.


S to start.
Arrow keys to pilot up down and left right.
Last edited at 2010/03/19 19:42:19 by Antotabo
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Responses to this scene
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Title: Antotabo's Helicopter goes Chinook!
Rating: 6
Filesize: 87.75 kB
Downloads: 633
Comments: 6
Ratings: 3
Date added: 2010/08/05 14:01:05
Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5
Rating: rated 6
I would like to see this in Phun. It looks interesting. :lol: :tup:
Algodoo Only.

If you guys really want, I can do algodoo version too.

WTF? Isn't this already algodoo version:D
Mr. crash is right..

AWESOME!! 10/10
another one with track or something?
Very good! A bit complicated implementation but design just fine! 9!
PHUN PHUN! do it in phun plz
i really realy like it! can you make a chinook? i want to make it by mij own, but i don't understand the system:bonk:

ps. nvm, i have made a chinook, am i allowed to upload it?
Last edited at 2010/03/21 12:43:08 by ianno
the rotors are the wrong way:huh:
roffa:Rotors are the wrong way?? explain please.
Yianno: you can upload what you want but make it a response if it is based on my system.
wow dude! thats awesome!
Usually rotates the helicopter rotors horizontally not vertically.
Try to rotate something horizontally in a 2 dimensionnal world. I know exactly how real helicopters works, but it's impossible to replicate this complex 3d machine in a 2d world, I just tried to make it as realistic as possible.
Last edited at 2010/03/25 02:19:28 by Antotabo
Maybe an oscillating translucent rectangle with a spring along the horizontal axis of the blade can give that effect? (It's even harder than it sounds)
@Vinayak: I wasn't concerned that much about making it look like a real one, but rather work like a real one. Even if it doesn't really do :bonk: .
Last edited at 2014/12/05 17:58:15 by Antotabo