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M4A1 Carbine (Phun) Mouse Operated Rifle

screenshot of the scene

Author: Raydeg

Group: Default

Filesize: 332.19 kB

Date added: 2010-03-05

Rating: 8.2

Downloads: 6438

Views: 2604

Comments: 31

Ratings: 14

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5

M16 rifle,
anutomatic gun,

Scene tag

:'^"``^``>2000+ DOWNLOADS<^"^':
."``|>>> ! <<<|``".**<<*~^

Finally my first upload!:lol: A Mouse Operated M4 Carbine with unlimited ammo. Aim with the mouse and shoot by holding the left mouse button. Does it starts to lag after a while? Don't worry! Simply tap the "1" button (not on the numpad) to delete all empty shells and fired shots.

Shoot the dummy, And hit it's head for a "headshot" medal.

Credits: to my dad though he is an expirienced programmer and he tought me how to do this.
Note: He did NOT write this script.

And ofcourse the guys in the forum that tought me how the thyme language works.

The mouse pointing script is pretty easy, it calculates the difference from the rifle's angle to the angle between the rifle and the mouse.

Hope you enjoy, leave a Comment and Rate when you're done.:P:lol:
Last edited at 2011/06/27 01:15:49 by Raydeg
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nice work man 10/10:tup:
AWesome 10/10!:) :)
Really nice :tup: :tup: It looks really nice and the shooting mechanism is very clever;)
10/10:D make more please:D Mp5..:o:lol:
And I see you registered today? Welcome! _o_
Thank you for all good comments and ratings:)
Prestb: Thanks for the warm welcome and I can surely make an MP5, but it wouldn't be so much work. new bullets, skins, rate of fire shells not much more than that so one MP5 coming up :)
Awesome. Very nice for a first scene.

minor issue: if textures aren't displayed in a scene upon saving and/or aren't in the algodoo's "textures" folder, they won't show up on computers without the texture, because they don't get saved on .phz files.
I don't know what you mean. Does a white polygon appeari f you hit him in the head??:o

A .phz file is a .zip file containing the scene, the scene's thumbnail, a checksum, and any used textures(at the time of saving).
Without having the texture somewhere in the scene beore saving, it doesn't get saved to the .phz file, and therefore the other algodoo versions get confused due to the lack of that texture.

the problem could be fixed easily by applying that texture into a geometry at the scene(it can be hidden if you wish:lol: ), saving, and editing this scene with the new file.

another common cause of this problem is not inserting the texture onto algodoo's texture folder, but this is not the case.
Last edited at 2010/03/07 16:51:20 by RA2lover
Okey I'll update the scene thanks for the notice_o_
it is REALLY important who is your dad:DDD
A guy that knows what he's doing, it's pretty easy when you get it explained:lol:
Thank for gun:bonk:
wow that's cool. i like it very much because the rifle is very detailed
I enjoy guns with a detailed exterior, however, I enjoy downloading these kind of things to learn something from it such as the complex use of systematic events to launch a bullet. Now I'm not familiar with algodoo version, but this gun is a little boring because I got nothing out of it. This is a well done gun and works great, but I like to see talent out of the interior of a weapon, not just the exterior. I still gave it an 8. but only because the gun looks cool and because of its ability to operate well without jamming.
Yeah but the exterior wasn't "the gun" have you checked the script?:)
no, I'll check it out. But the script is not the point. Its the physics that I want to see. What is the script for? how do you use it? (I;m still new to phun/algodoo)
Okey well I'm new to scripting. The script tells Algodoo to create polygons(shells and bullets) at a certain position with specific info like density and restitution. The mouse control is pure maths. It creates a theoretical triangle and tells the motor to rotate the gun so it's so close to a straight line between the mouse and the gun as possible. If you want to learn how to script you can always visit the forums and check paradigm's basic video how to script.
Hope you got something of this ;P
thanks so much. I'll check it out.
it is freakin awesome_o_
Nice! Can you do a Winchester Next?:lol:
what kind of winchester?. they make ALOT of guns:P
I mean any kind.Maybe Hunting or Chrome.[Shotgun]
Like a semi automatic? does it need to mouse operated if not?
mouse Operated Winchester 897.:lol:
okey should it reload itself or not?
M4A1 V2 coming up! I hated what I did with the skin on this one so expect one that'll blow your mind.

*Much better skin.
*Muzzle flash.
*realistic size + weight
*"Moving" Bolt
*Blending of objects and home-made textures.

More can appear as time goes:D Have a nice time 'til then
I actually wanna see a SPAS-12 or the Auto-Shotgun from L4D.
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