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3D CNC Router

screenshot of the scene

Author: Antotabo

Group: Default

Filesize: 106.54 kB

Date added: 2010-02-11

Rating: 9

Downloads: 26871

Views: 6608

Comments: 20

Ratings: 32

Times favored: 3

Made with: Phun

router milling ,
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This is a typical CNC router setup. You can really cut material manually or run the toolpath contained in

The tool path actually loaded make a nice pyramid. The origin of the code is on the top center of the workpiece. so you have to jog to this point andpress x, y, z to make this position the origin.

But you can make your really own program and load them in the console.

G-code template to make your program:[[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0,0,0],[0-


Start Spindle : S key
Zero X : X key
Zero Y : Y key
Zero Z : Z key

Start CNC program : Enter Key

Manual Jog:

X: up and down arrow keys
Y: left and right arrow keys
Z: page up and page down keys

Post your g-codes in the comments, I would like to see some!

Update: Real looking EndMill. Special thanks to Legophunpp for the idea. Press S to start the spindle.
Last edited at 2010/05/20 05:21:58 by Antotabo
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Title: 3d cnc router
Rating: 5.5
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Date added: 2010/02/14 20:58:31
Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5
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awesome 2x
it is hardest to control when trying to remove blocks at the back
Yeah, It takes couples of minutes to be good with the control because of the point of view. But always look at the cross-lines to know where you are, it then comes very easy.
but when you are on the back squares it is hard to tell where they cross even
i personally would have tried isometric 3D, but that would be harder because of 30 and 60 degree angles
still this is great and prabably one of the best moving 3d things
Might i suggest making the blocks slightly transparent, so you can see the blocks in back?

EDIT: Scrap that, it tried it and all the blocks blended together)|(
Last edited at 2010/02/11 06:24:10 by Naf5000
To Sheepborg:
This IS isometric no?
Last edited at 2010/02/12 01:51:18 by Antotabo
A-fucking-mazing (Amazing) 10/10
I pressed enter and the machine exploded. Am I doing something wrong?)|(


i pressed enter 2 and it went in a square at top corner of teh plate
maybe video????
To Sugared_cube: do you have the latest version?
To Phunbox 1 : make sure you have pressed x y and z key after jogging to the center of the workpiece to zero all axis before starting the program.
Cool illusion, i laughed when i realized it was still essentially 2d
Good job, easy 10
Wow Awesome scene! Full 10/10
One of the most awesome things i've ever seen. 11/10.
Thank you so much for using my drill!
Quote from Sugared_cube:
I pressed enter and the machine exploded. Am I doing something wrong?)|(
That happened to me.
Maybe it is the button to load the gcode, and the gcode is all 0s on default.
boring 0/0