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Automatic Carbine 1

screenshot of the scene

Author: j-dewd

Group: Default

Filesize: 140.46 kB

Date added: 2010-01-25

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 3016

Views: 1818

Comments: 12

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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Basically my Automaticrifle just made shorter, more reliable and, most importantly, breakdown-able. Just like on an M16, the upper reciever can open up in case you want to clear a jam, or just remove the bolt.
Like my last rifle, it has a bolt catch that catches the bolt in open position when the last round in a magazine has been fired, and because of awesomeness, I've added two releases for it, one inside the trigger guard and one on the side.

I just realized that I have too much to say about this rifle here's a list instead:


Openable, pull the big lever on the side to the left to open, and just drag the upper back to close it.

Customizable, you can add different components to the rifle and adjust the buttstock to your liking. (All the parts are to the right of the weapon)

Operational unfixed, just remove the big X on the grip.

And it has a semi automatic, fully automatic fire, and a safe setting.

That should cover everything, enjoy. (And rate:P)

Edit: Changed the colors a bit
Edit again: Improved feeding reliability (hopefully), improved the long mag and changed the colors again
Last edited at 2010/01/25 22:20:04 by j-dewd
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Great and realistic. But it likest to jamm while chambering, its the weakest point of the whole design. 9/10
Btw, more attractive outlook would be really nice.:)
Kind of hard to make it more attractive when I don't know what design you're aiming for, if by attractive you mean "more M16ish", then no, I won't change it.

There are enough crappy M16 replicas on this site as it is. :|
No, by attractive I mean more realistic, without all colors of rainbow and little more detailed.;)
10/10 says it all
biit slow but good gun, very good mechanism... 8/10 because of its speed and the attachments fall of when the reciever opens
ow my fucking god this is the best m4 i ever saw:o
its realy nice mechanism.. as close to the reality mechanism:)
i like the reciever that automaticly load a new bullet 10/10
Very good!

Fluidity is my biggest concern next to mechanism, you def earned an 8.5/10.
if the green thing in the green thing (cocking thing) is out of place, open the gun take it out and put the green thing back by using move and use move and rotate to put it back. the tall part of the green thingy goes on the blue line. soooo cool
another tip is to make the middle of the attatchments invisible, select both springs, set to 5 strength and attach. when pushing the orange thing down, use move instead of drag
this would make it stay in its place even if open
are u the same guy that made the mini ruger on youtube?they both look very similar thanks