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IL-76 Fly Sim [Algodoo]

screenshot of the scene

Author: Kilinich

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.74 MB

Date added: 2010-01-24

Rating: 9

Downloads: 37768

Views: 6405

Comments: 46

Ratings: 32

Times favored: 9

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


Scene tag

Russian military transport aircraft IL-76.
200 tons max, up to 60 tons cargo.
Realistic size/weigh/speed. Breakable!

Your mission is take off overloaded IL-76 and test low altitude parachute extraction system. After that climb as fast as you can and make a smooth landing on secondary airbase. All mission is 23km long in-scale. Max hill height 640 meters.

Do pause sometimes to redo if you crash it (and I'm sure you will :lol: )

Realistic aerodynamics, hard relief.

1,2 - engines toggle
Up-Down - elevators (reversed)
F - flaps
D - drop cargo
G - gears
B - gear brakes

UPD: Simplified a bit (more power), increased flaps strength and drop zone now can be touched.

Last edited at 2010/01/30 21:32:30 by Kilinich
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:tup: :tup: :tup:
but i geuss i should wait for the phun version. if there will be one
It's possible but really hard to make in phun... I'm not sure about it.
but still, Awesome scene!
Great scene! too bad no Phun:( Where do u find all your such high quality textures?:lol: 10/10
nice scene. hovewer, i've noticed you can't deep stall the plane, and that you can succeed then fail the mission(even landing on the dropzone, you can still get the cargo to smash itself at the nearest mountain). also, it looks like the wheels get destroyed when landing outside of the airfields.

funny fact: i've managed to land even without the wing(too steep descent, tried to correct it and went too harsh on the controls, then the engine attached to that wing worked as a brake, allowing me to land)
WOW Its just awesome :tup:
Как всегда в своём репертуаре;)
Last edited at 2010/01/25 07:02:00 by Messiah
to RA2lover: I've update scene and fix crash-successful bug.
plus I've notice engine performance raise on fast PC.. I have to fix it.
Я только увидел сцену но уже уверен что выполнена она на 100000 балов)))):tup:
All of your scenes are AWESOME _o_ . A EMBRAER C-390 would be really cool :)
is it ment to do a touch and go landing ? as the wheels go straight through the drop zone:(
Wow, thats really nice:D 100/10

Beech, its a low altitude cargo drop, not a touch and go. If it were a t ngo he would have written so ^^
AWESOME 10* but its so crazy hard to deliver and land man! nearly impossible. Ive needed maybe 20 trys each thing.
This is bad:
brakes sux
no backthrust
no fly assistance ;D
tanks destroy itself sometimes
Nice sim
awesome plane
nice mission
Parachute for plane
2 LShome:
Brakes now stronger
I have backthrust in first versions but remove it to reduce complexity
Same with autopilot - scene is pretty laggy enough
NP with tanks - just drop carefully :P
Last edited at 2010/01/25 20:11:39 by Kilinich
Where do you get such amazing textures? :lol:


2 phunbox1: Well, I have wings and engine for phun, but I need a little bit more... ok, I'll try to port it.
Last edited at 2010/01/26 06:53:47 by Kilinich
why wont u answer my question?:'( :lol:
2 Dare: I think it's a rhetorical question;)
In Internet of course - for airplanes photos best site is
I understand that you get them from the internet, but all of your textures seem to be the same style (high quality, dont look like photos). I was wondering how you got that effect from every texture?
Finally I made it!
phun version pls
I've really try modify it to run in phun but failed.
Wings works, engines works but on 10% of realtime. Sorry, no dice.
No phun version of this airplane :(
I dont have algodoo but the picture looks good 
lol @ Dare if you want to know how he gets the best quality photos i will tell you...... he goes out and buys the airliners and uses his own

forget about that, it was lame
i just read the other comments after i posted the other 1 )|( )|( )|(

i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish i could get algoodo:x
What you think, will this be better than mriya mission on rating?:D
2 Mr. crash - no it's not possible now, because algodoo don't have so many users as phun did.
I really like your scenes kilinich, but i notice you never add anything to them. You made the most detailed and advanced car, but never added anything. I know you don't want to make them too hard, but after a few tries it becomes easy. I noticed you said you removed backthrust. It would be nice if you could make another version with it in to make it harder for us gamers:). Even a parachute as previously asked to perform cool tricks. Anyway i rated 10:tup:.
Last edited at 2010/01/27 21:47:57 by coolgal677
plz make a vickers fb5 :lol:
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