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Breakable Testarossa

screenshot of the scene

Author: Designer

Group: Default

Filesize: 136.49 kB

Date added: 2010-01-22

Rating: 7.3

Downloads: 6404

Views: 2635

Comments: 23

Ratings: 12

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun

Roll bar,

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I always wondered has what could resemble the continuation of Testapreta.
To start, Testapreta was able on Phunbox, when no other so brilliant scene existed. Today, there are hundreds, thousands of incredible scenes. It is difficult to make a scene which knows same fabulous success that it had. I said myself: To make a scene which would be acceptable nowadays, it would be necessary to combine, simplicity (breakable axes) and complexity (headlights which change colors for example)

Then here the so known CONTINUATION of Testapreta, the Testarossa.

Little story:

-Testarossa is Ferrari drawn by the famous Pininfarina carriage-builder. It is a revolution of its time, from its design as long as by its aéro-dynamisme. With perforamance incredible, able to reach 300km/h (83.34 m/s in Phun/Algodoo) Late engine in position.

OK, Use arrow's.

Hand Break: U

A/Z to raise/drop the bridge

Now improved:

Automatical Airbag, And a system of security by sheepborg > (inspired of the K-Probe by kilinich), the Roll Bar.

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Last edited at 2010/01/24 17:27:35 by Designer
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I think this is good idea to continue Testarpeta, you to give to this. You're the best breakable car maker on Algobox, not on Phunbox. I think ragdoll is to large, You should reduce it. Peugeot 405 is designed in Pinifarina too. :)
You make great crashable car only with 500 peces, congratulations! :tup:
Last edited at 2010/01/22 21:42:52 by Roman
it is nice!
but maybe the backround could be a different color? it is not good as black because it seems to blend the side air openings into the background and make it look like holes thru the car.

the breaking patturn isnt the best, as the floor always falls out the bottom of the car:bonk:
the driver moves around too much upon stopping
the shading is great but it is incorrect at the front and back for the darkening it should curve with the car some
suspension seems to be too soft
yay no lag for 500 pieces!

this is your best!
keep up the good work :tup:
Frontal crash 4/5:) stars dummy hit windowshield:bonk: Rollover 5/5:) Keep up the good roof structure Rear Crash 5/5 head restraint helps alot LAST CAR TESTED : AIRBAG CONCEPT
Super! Thank you for all your opinion! I will improve that immediately!
I have to narrow the Ragdoll and inproved the design (the air intake side)
Good!!! Very good!!!
Background is bad for so cool car...
System of bridge is no need...
And the worst of scene (for me)
It is very breakable (like Jelly car)

I will be the stupidest human ever, if give you low, and i will give you 8/10
roman, do you want Peugeot 405 breakable? or any other model?
No! I only say the P405 was desinged by Pinifarina.
New Ratings Frontal Crash:4/5 Airbag does not deploy until after impact so dummy hit windowshield I suggest making a airbag system like servermans airbag concept type that in in search bar but overall save vehicle!:coolgrin:
I thought of it, but all the bags built until now are spread too much late and are absolutely useless and cumbersome! for me the airbag that I installed does not have estetic perfect but is relatively effective.
lol you put sleepborg
the intake looks awesome now!

btw interesting use for the rollbar, really it is meant for convetables but i guess it would be helpfull on a normal car

maybe you should make a ferrari california (it actually has the rollbar)
Last edited at 2010/01/24 00:09:33 by sheepborg
yes I would like, but there is no photograph of correct profile on google…. I wonder which car I will make. Can be a breakable building, to make competition has Messiah :lol:
please fix my name. you put "sleepborg" instead of "sheepborg"
here :)
thank you. :tup:
i am looking for some good stuff for you to make; i should have a list in about 15 minutes
a list for some good stuff by me ? :blink:
porsche panamera (must be destroyed in the most painful manor for being an ugly porsche)

uh ok i didnt make a list but that is ok the panamera must die!
do you want a Porsche news will panamera that I destroy in a manor? do you have hatred against this car? (is ok painful it a manor not?) :lol:
yes, i hate that car.
so you can kill it in any way you want
(better if more painful to the car!)
hahahaa ! ok I would do it :lol: :lol:
could any one help me i downloaded it on phun scenes and it wont open could somebody give me the instruction how to open

this is incredible!!!

but me im stupid all people on algobox say spammer to me...:cry:
I'm gonna go ahead and go against the people who say yes to airbags and say no to them, I find it a little more humorous to see the dummy fly through the windshield.....Or atleast crack his cranium trying. 8/10