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AMC Pacer

screenshot of the scene

Author: Roman

Group: Polish

Filesize: 398.15 kB

Date added: 2010-01-02

Rating: 8.8

Downloads: 13103

Views: 1747

Comments: 17

Ratings: 26

Times favored: 4

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

This is "small" car from USA. More about this car is in scene. You must complite task. Task is in scene too. This car of course has real weight and width & dimensions. If you see some bugs tell me about it.
Please rate and comment. :)

If someone wants to contact me, write to me on X-Fire. My nick name is gronto93.
Last edited at 2010/01/03 09:51:50 by Roman
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Dałbym dwadzieścia ale mogę tylko dziesięć...
haha very funny scene. incredible detail on the car !! 9/10 ! but with the cars on the street you should used your other great cars instead !:tup: :lol: :yum:
hahaha, HUNNY HOME !!!!!! :lol: :tup:
LOL :lol:
i love your sense of humor
nice shading on the wheels (darn i forgot to do that on my pantera)
but the rest of the shading leaves it questionable as to what color the car really is
Oh i finished the pantera check it out (altough i will be updating it alot)
Ale zajebioza:lol: :lol:
Zajebista scenka,najbardziej zaskoczyły mnie te krzaki.
Mam jeszcze parę innych twoich scen, wypróbuj również moje i skomentuj je.
i hate these cars -_- they blow up if you rear end them
If you hate it, why you download it? No one forcing you to download it.
Blow up? This is your invention.
Last edited at 2010/01/05 08:02:15 by Roman
Realy running!

●X-Fire is free? (money)
Last edited at 2010/01/05 11:54:47 by Key9651
Yes it's completly free.
yay! Honey, I'm home! (crash) :tup:
Someone give me two (1), this is stupid.
Wow! Nice! Great job! Haha the end result for me was that the guy was out on the hood of the car, the back wheel was shot up through the trunk, and many bushes/boxes followed me in the house. :tup: :tup: 10/10!
niezle 10/10 :*)
great detail! 10/10
so i rating... 10/10 is good, one more you can say "D'OH" just for fun:lol: :lol: :lol:
i whould like if it was crashable :(