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End of World Final (2.1)

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Author: glitchhater

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.79 MB

Date added: 2009-12-30

Rating: 4.5

Downloads: 799

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Made with: Phun


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The sky is red. The ground has tilted. Meteorites are falling everywhere, and boulders are rolling through Mega City. A boulder is chasing you. You hop in your Fiat (made by Roman) and plan to drive through Mega City to your fortified home in Taco Village.

Use arrow keys to move. If the body is ripped off of the frame completely, you're dead. I've beaten it before, so it's possible.

TIPS (read them all; they help a lot):
*Floor it at the beginning, or a ball will quickly crush you.
*Pause after each obstacle in case you die. You can CMD Z if you die.
*Go fast in the city, but slow down in the village.
*If your wheels break before the end of Taco Village, you're pretty much dead...
*Don't go too fast, or you'll break your wheels.
*In Taco Village, you must slow down A LOT for potholes and bumps.
*Meteorites only fall in the city, so you must go as fast as possible.
*At some parts, you have to slow down/stop because a falling object falls IN FRONT of you. If you keep going fast, it will likely hit you.
*Don't go too fast, or you'll break your wheels.
*Some objects are just scenery. If something looks impossible to avoid (meaning you can't stop and wait for it to pass), then it's probably scenery or an object that does little/no damage.

Good luck!
Last edited at 2011/02/14 06:45:57 by Kilinich
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i dient make it but the head did! :lol:
It's really difficult to beat unless you pause frequently. Eventually, you can beat every obstacle.