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5 Cylinder 4 Stroke Radial Collision Engine Phun Version

screenshot of the scene

Author: Gent

Group: Default

Filesize: 218.74 kB

Date added: 2009-12-25

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 1726

Views: 1775

Comments: 13

Ratings: 10

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


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Left arrow to start

You can also hand prop it with the drag tool, a bit tricky

This was a lot of work:rolleyes:

Please rate and comment:lol:

PS Sorry about the lag, there's a lot of collisions happening, check sim info
Last edited at 2010/07/11 21:06:53 by Gent
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sweet, i like it.
Very nice! But I don't think it would lift off an airplane, hah, not going fast enough.:tup: :tup:
Hi all, thanks for the nice comments:)
Its possible to build a much simpler version that would lag less but I was shooting for "realism" and principal demonstration:rolleyes:
I learned a lot on this build and an "improved" version is in the works:angel:
hmmm it runs in 100% realtime on my laptop
your four stroke timing is good
the top cillinder it the one that packs more punch; all of the rest are not really doing much
have you seen my four stroke with fuel?
Wow sheepborg, you must have a fast laptop _o_
I did take some liberty with the timing to make it work but I tried to make it as realistic as possible:rolleyes:
I looked at your engine, pretty cool:tup:

To whoever rated this 1, I would like to see some of your junk:mad:
yeah somebody rated My cannon a 1/10 ... It was so annoying
My laptop is a gateway with an intel centrino that runs winows xp. I love it :love:

on my engine with fuel i did have to mess up the timing a little in order to get a good "explosion" plus mine is less than realistic.
running 100% realtime on my comp...
it would also do that on my old comp (seeming when looking as single-core, it has same specs)

running windows 7 ultimate

anyway, indeed a nice engine
Thanks guys I must have too much background junk running or something:bonk:
I have a 3.06 ghz single core with 2 gig ram running xp witha 9600 series card:bonk: )|( :lol:

Thanks again all :coolgrin:
wow, this is now one of my "users favorites" things, :) :) 10/10:coolgrin: :coolgrin:
Last edited at 2010/03/06 20:26:25 by canadian joe
Thanks Canadian Joe:rolleyes:
thanks for the phun version
Last edited at 2010/07/12 15:16:32 by wapperott
rubbish.. haha just kidding! , fantastic!!, looking amazing , and is a mechanical marvel! been sitting here of an hour trying to figure out how it works! thanks for the phun version as well:)