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"Electricity" in Algodoo v2

screenshot of the scene

Author: Endre!

Group: Default

Filesize: 237.77 kB

Date added: 2009-09-09

Rating: 7.7

Downloads: 4920

Views: 2154

Comments: 18

Ratings: 12

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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Electricity in Algodoo v2.0.
I figured i'll try to make a house with electricity.
I know there is only light and no other electronic stuff, but i have not realy figured out how to make other things than lamps using "electricity"...
It gets kinda laggy if all the lamps are turned on at once.
The wires is like in real houses, inside the wall. Tried to make it realistic.
I hope you enjoy the scene. i used about 5 hrs on it.
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download faut faire quoi ??? a pare deviner comment on alume l'eletriciter:grr: :tdown: )|(
Last edited at 2009/09/09 12:37:32 by -commander13-
Ok? What about english?
non lol !
What do you mean then?
I dont understand french xD
:bonk: lauch Electricity ??? what button
There are small red switches on the wall and on the bottom of the lamp.
i like yor idee 9/10 because there arren't any other stuff but that have you say already:+ .
plz see my concept for one main switch.

Author: ianno
Title: "Electricity" in Algodoo(main Switch)
File Size: 20.82 kB
I saw it! Good idea! it's possible to make a fuse box with it!
I know how 2 make fuse and short circuit in it! Can you use THYME? Do U want to enjoy to my project AHOX?
Error, Endre! !
My Skype isn't Kutis96 but it's r.kutis96
Thank you:)
Nice, But these lamps dont shine the house...
Unfortunality this lasers cant scatter the light...:(
They do sometimes, but not like in "lighting up the room" shining:lol:
for endre above: I can understand french. he said ''Duh... What am I meant to do? Apart from guessing how to turn on the curent...''
Oh:P Lol. I dont think he liked the scene :lol:
finally, i has Algodoo! But sadly ive lost my old account, PerpetualInventions
well when I did the red switch twice it dint work after those two times xD