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Four Stroke V-twin Engine

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Author: DoubleYouPee

Group: Default

Filesize: 149.06 kB

Date added: 2009-07-23

Rating: 7.8

Downloads: 4138

Views: 4870

Comments: 14

Ratings: 11

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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I used java's four stroke single engine design to create this 90 degree V-twin engine.
Exhaust system disabled because it not really functional and drags down the engine.

For some reason the left cylinder leaks while the right one does not even though they are identical:bonk: (anyone?)

About 600000 joules at 15 s/rads.

-Fixed leaking (ty igottabomb)
-Fixed right cylinder valve timing

It seems it's running worse without the leaking:s

-Fixed the right fuel pump
-Fixed right fuel fans
-Put fuel tanks upright.

Fixed right cylinder sparkplug.
Now runs 700k-800k joules (peaks 1 million joules at 18.5 s/rads!)
Last edited at 2009/07/24 12:06:14 by DoubleYouPee
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Title: Phun & Stratton Inphun 5 HP V-Twin Engine (Algodoo/Phun)
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holy crap this is powerful
wow, that left side is really working. but good work to both of you!:lol:
its leaking b/c
well heres how to fix it... just select the almost invisible boxes at the top of each shaft and make it collide with a that stops the balls from flying out....
I know why the ball keep getting out!
their pos code is not pos=e.pos, it's pos = [(e.pos(0) - 0.30000001), (e.pos(1) - 0.1)]

u should edit that to [(e.pos(0) -0.1), (e.pos(1) - 0.3)] on the left cylinder and [(e.pos(0) + 0.1), (e.pos(1) - 0.3)] en the right cylinder.

there a lot of things that can be improved there:
-The right gears, reverse them so while pressing enter you get a boost on both sides.
-Keep the mini tanks straight, less waste of fuel, less water running around = less lag

I tweaked it and runs much better.
Last edited at 2009/07/24 06:34:30 by java
You mean the right fuel pump thingies? I didn't think reversing it would be needed as adding more too much fuel only makes it slower.

And yes igottabomb's way worked just fine to stop the balls!

edit: I never knew you added a boost onto one of the gears! :x
Fixed it in new version!
(fuel pumps also needed reversing)
Last edited at 2009/07/24 01:08:29 by DoubleYouPee
Yes sorry about the nice try thing, it's just that if you replace the code as i told you on the "spark plugs" the engine will run better as the balls don't get killed by the top killers.

dont get so pissed off next time:P

edit: i strongly suggest making the exhaust valves work, but nice modification, it is powerful indeed
Last edited at 2009/07/24 06:40:04 by java
I'll try editing the spark plugs and see what happens.
Why do you suggest making the exhaust valves working? There is nothing to go out of the engine except for excess water.. And i'm not sure letting the excess water out will make it run better.

So all i gotta change is a - to a + in the rigth spark plug?
The left one already had "pos = [(e.pos(0) - 0.1), (e.pos(1) - 0.30000001)]"

The right one now has
"[(e.pos(0) + 0.1), (e.pos(1) - 0.30000001)]"

Wow what did that change? It now runs much better, i peaked 1000000 joules with turbo!
I like how you can see the tank draining once you hit enter:yum:
Last edited at 2009/07/24 12:01:23 by DoubleYouPee
that code changes the position offset where the balls are being spawned:

-e.pos(0) +/- x changes the X position of the spawning ball.

-e.pos(1) +/- y changes the Y position of the spawning ball.

i had to move the spawning place of the balls in the original scene so they spawned in the middle of the cylinder, instead of below the sparkplug, thing that increased output.
The spark plug was set in the side so i could concentrate water there and maximize the collisions with water to spawn a bigger number of balls.

and making the exhaust valves work will eat up more fuel ;)
Last edited at 2009/07/24 20:04:54 by java
Eat up more fuel? How?
Your design had the exhaust port closed. And if you open them the cylinder will only pump out 'unburned fuel'
how does it works i don't get it:'(
for some reason the left piston isnt filling with fuel at all
very cool! 10/10:cool:
I KNOW THE ANSWER! The right cylinder is subjected to more pressure than the left one
(I made an test) ;)
Last edited at 2011/08/14 23:00:37 by MrLucasManSwe