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Finished WWII Tank

no image found for this scene

Author: phunbox1 (wild bill)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 365.2 kB

Date added: 2008-08-03

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 330

Views: 1147

Comments: 7

Ratings: 14

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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You can move the cannon behind the turret so it looks better, I put it in front so you can see what its doing. Then when you are used to how it works you can put the turret to the front and the cannon will be out of veiw. Hold down the F (for fire) key until it fires. When you reload the cannon you have to hold the L key until the mechanism goes all the way behind the next shell, then let go of the L key.
The orange and bright green circles are a loaded indicator so that when the cannon is inside the turret you have at least some idea if its jammed or whatever so maybe you can unjam it and not have to restart. You dont have to worry about the indicator circles if its a hassle.

The two circles are supposed to be in line with each other when the next shell to be fired is all the way in, then you hit the F key to fire. Then as you pull back on the reloader (L key)
to load the next shell the two circles go apart from each other and then when the arm is all the way back the two circles are in line again, meaning you can let go of the L key to slide the next shell in.

When you put the cannon in the turret out of veiw, use the small area between the turret and tank main body to click on each of the two indicator circles and move them to the front and the cannon will be out of veiw but the indicator circles will always be outside the turret so you can see them.

Right, left= Forward reverse

Up, down= raise and lower cannon

F= fire cannon

L= reload cannon

U= Up Machinegun

D=Down Machinegun
O and C= open and close hatches
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Good work.
Phun resets some of the settings to default (known bug) but after correcting some it worked great.

There is still one thing, you made the scene very large so objects tend to react in a slow way. Imagine a tank of a square mile long, it won't be agile;). Try to scale the scene to zoom level 1 or 2. The cannon would probably work better and faster too.

I know scaling works buggy and you probably would be completely rebuilding your tank so I wish you luck:P
gj how do i download this in the right place id like too see how you did it sounds great
Morgan, after you click on the download link in the pop up menu look in your hard drive and in the programs folder look for the Phun folder. Click on that, then click on the scenes folder in the Phun folder and download it to the scenes folder.

daPet, thanks for the scaling info. I think I found a way to scale without damage but its a little time consuming, I will give it a go.
Well daPet, you are right the tank size is slowing it down. I scaled it down a ways and it picked up noticable speed, but it caused some problems (know scaling bug). I will scasle down some more and fix the problems it creates. I will post the scaled down, faster moving version when its done.
I I only knew about the scale effecting performance I would have built it smaller.
I hope they fix the scale bug, and the clone
The tank and cannon have been improved and I have added a machine gun to the tank. It is all in a new tank battle scene with various enemies attacking and targets to destroy. You get to rip a guy to shreds sending arms and legs flying....war is Hell.
how do u fire the macinegun?