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car moving without motor

screenshot of the scene

Author: oofnillas

Group: Default

Filesize: 20.01 kB

Date added: 2021-09-10

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 2369

Views: 174

Comments: 2

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

This car runs on springs.
g - Brake (toggle brakes)
f - Jumpstart key (recommended to hold key for 5-10 seconds)
b - Jumpstart key (reverse, recommended to hold key for 5-10 seconds)
m - Laser control key

v0.0.1 build 1 release 1: Initial release.
v0.0.2 build 5 release 2: Made camera follow car and added changelog.
v0.0.3 build 12 release 3: Added thruster (to jumpstart), added brake key and added controls.
v0.0.4 build 18 release 4: Changed controls, added reverse thruster and updated changelog a bit.
v0.0.5 build 30 release 5: Made thrusters stronger.
v0.0.6 build 45 release 6: Added mark to show how far you went and how fast the car is.
v0.0.7 build 50 release 7 (this is updating quickly!): Fixed second brake control (from CTRL to g).
v0.0.8 build 67 release 8: Added water tank (car shoots water off back).
v0.0.9 build 77 release 9: Made laser move with car, fixed collision with what i added in 0.0.6.
v0.1.0 build 94 release 10: Added toggle to laser (changes controls added in v0.0.3.).
v0.1.1 build 104 release 11: Added water killer and made whole car immortal and moved car.
v0.1.2 build 120 release 12: Made ground kill anything it touches (except for the car).
v0.1.3 build 135 release 13: Made car body not a killer.
v0.1.4 build 156 release 14: Made what i added in v0.0.8 closed (no longer shoots water but stores water).
v0.1.5 build 172 release 15: Made simulation not draw axles/fixjoints while running.
v0.1.6 build 190 release 16: A slight update to the changelog.
v0.1.7 build 207 release 17: Increased simulation frequency by 300 hz (60 to 360 hz), Hopefully its more stable/makes it smoother on high refresh rate monitors.
v0.1.8 build 220 release 18: Made water tank empty (from 0.1.7 because i forgot to add it when i did it.).
v0.1.9 build 235 release 19: Made water generator pink.
v0.2.0 build 256 release 20: Turned off friction and turned on brakes.
Last edited at 2021/09/12 13:43:46 by oofnillas
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thanks! any suggestions?