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Why Subscribe?

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 111.21 kB

Date added: 2022-05-01

Rating: 10

Downloads: 10021755

Views: 10005749

Comments: 21

Ratings: 10000000

Times favored: 10000000

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Open the scene and read the text. You'll be glad you did!

Updated text in scene. 7 Sept. 2021
Last edited at 2021/09/12 04:13:31 by Xray
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Is this a new feature? Likely not, since algodoo has been devoid of updates, but still, is it?
No, not new.
By the way, it's actually a feature of Algobox (which is the scene sharing portion of the Algodoo website). It has nothing to do with the Algodoo app that runs on your computer.
Last edited at 2021/08/30 17:56:30 by Xray
Xray i dont know know how to subscribe because your algobox and mine is different
Rainerlos -- What browser do you use to look at and download scenes?
I use Chrome for subscribing and rating scenes, but the uploading through the embedded algobox is definitely easier for me, so I use both.
Just for clarification, you go to the Algodoo website to subscribe correct?
Xray- i use algobox
Algobox being different in the inbuilt browser has always caused a lot of confusion, tbh. maybe modifying the algodoo exe to display another browser ID would fix this, but I don't think algoryx would be happy about that. we already made an algodoo exe that points to another website as home website, in case algobox goes belly up
also, rating is just as important. otherwise we end up with this huge stagnation in the popular page
oh now i get it
UnityDogGaming04 -- Using Chrome for subscribing and rating, and using the Algodoo embedded browser for posting scenes is a great idea. Maybe others can try that method, especially if they are having problems.

The Linkage -- I'm quite sure that Algoryx will not be making any maintenance edits to Algodoo.exe, but maybe one day they will surprise us all!
I'm not saying Algoryx should, i'm saying I did. I modified an Algodoo executable to point to another page (algoboards, our algobox replacement that never panned out) so that we could use that without having to use an external browser if algobox was ever shut down. we never really uploaded it anywhere because distributing a modified executable of algodoo is a pretty gray area
Wow, that must have been very challenging to modify the exe file! But without the source code, include files, and the proper compiler, I suppose you do whatever you have to do to make it work!

Yes, I'm sure Algoryx would frown on anyone distributing such modified files.

I use Firefox for all activity on Algobox, and even if Algobox were closed down for any reason, I could of course just browse over to some other "Algobox-like" website to continue uploading and downloading scenes. I just wouldn't have the same kind of Admin tools that I have now, of course (unless I developed my own Algobox website). ;)
question: what's the subscribe button for?
You're joking, right?
Well, Okay, I'll assume that you're not joking. The Subscribe button is there for you to subscribe to the scene that the button is attached to. When you are subscribed to a scene, you will be notified whenever the scene gets updated by the person who posted it, AND you will be notified when anyone leaves a comment. If you later decide that you no longer want any notifications, you can click that button again (it will say "Unsubscribe") and you will no longer receive notifications for that particular scene. The way you get notifications is described in this scene "Why Subscribe?" shown above.

By the way, YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT to use any of the Algobox features. If you do not see the word "Subscribe" in the scene information box, then it's most likely because you are not logged in.
Last edited at 2021/09/04 21:02:30 by Xray
Oh! I get it now!
I get it now too
can you subscribe to a person or just a scene?
Both. For example, if I click on your user name, I can then subscribe to YOU. If I click on one of your scenes, then I would subscribe to just that particular scene. If you subscribe to the person, then you will get notified whenever that person posts a new scene. You, of course must be logged in in order to subscribe to either a person or a scene.
Please everyone, let's keep the comments to questions specifically about "Subscribing". I don't want to clutter up the comments section with nonsense comments and idle chit-chat. Any off-topic comments will be deleted.


UPDATE: Well, I disabled comments for this scene because too many young children were not able to resist leaving silly and nonsensical comments. They ruined it for everyone else. So, from now on if you have questions, just read the text in the scene and the few comments that are here, and figure it out for yourself.
Last edited at 2021/09/12 04:26:30 by Xray