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ECO localization

screenshot of the scene

Author: matto

Group: Default

Filesize: 8.39 MB

Date added: 2021-02-20

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 2985

Views: 327

Comments: 9

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.3


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Title: SONAR Head
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Date added: 2021/02/21 14:48:30
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I am sorry for the late reply!!
I apologize for causing problems with the "Bacteria under the microscope" scene!
I deleted the scene!
Thanks for interesting
I didn't understand what happened.
the problem was ""?
I won't write like that anymore!
This is an awesome scene and I rated it accordingly. I did see a problem, but it does not break anything, so the scene is fine as it is. I still felt some need to look into the problem, and I'm not sure why. The scene is throwing a bunch of "ERROR - Body::IsBad" errors. The cause of the error is that the killer shield that protects the sensors is killing green balls while their code is still running. I tried killing green balls with onCollide code, which prevents the error, but it's not fast enough and some balls get thru to hit the sensors and stop the forward motion of the machine. The only thing I could think of is to not create balls on the back side of the generator but then the generator would need to create balls based on the angle and position of the generator instead of just on the position of the generator.
Regarding the "Bacteria under the microscope" scene:

It seems a shame to delete a scene just because of some Algodoo glitch. I suggest you undelete it and add the following modifications to the cover image that has the short timeToLive value:
Increase the timeToLive value to 1.0 second. Put "cos = {math.cos}; sin = {math.sin}" in the onDie script.

The logic for this modification is that I think that the sin or cosine function gets broken on scene startup. The code in the cover image onDie event should fix it.

I still have a copy of the fixed scene (with the source of the error fixed) if you need it. I didn't think of the quick fix until after I dug deep.

Hopefully you can get the "Bacteria under the microscope" scene up again since hundreds of users have already enjoyed it.
Excellent job, matto! :tup:
Thanks Xray!!!!:)
Hello s_noonan.
Thank you!!
Yes, the shield is the only idea I came up with to have an arc of green balls always in front of the vehicle.
"Making balls based on the angle and position of the generator", is difficult for me.
Luckily this scene doesn't give any problems...:blush: :lol:

Soon, I'll try to edit the "Bacteria under the microscope" scene with your advice.
Thanks again !!
Quote: "Making balls based on the angle and position of the generator", is difficult for me.

I made a generator with adjustable parameters at SONAR Head. I hope you don't mind.
Very interesting and functional !!
I'm not so good !!
i put a blackhole in there and it got sucked into the blackhole