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Rifle/Machine gun

screenshot of the scene

Author: phunbox1 (Paradigm 29)

Group: phunbox1

Filesize: 136.27 kB

Date added: 2008-07-28

Rating: 7.5

Downloads: 3101

Views: 4000

Comments: 26

Ratings: 79

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Newer version of my gun that has doubled ammo capacity and can fire full auto if you hold down the fire key.

Fire: 0 (numpad)

Note: Full auto is still glitchy. It works for me about 80% of the time. The gun doesn`t tax the processor so if the machine gun doesn`t feel fast enough for you; just choose 5x speed.

I`d appreciate it if anyone could work on this and make it into a more reliable machine gun by: increasing the fire rate, Increasing the ammo capacity, and increasing the overall reliability of the weapon.

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Each bullet should have the same properties as the first bullet.
Still the most reliable cycling mechanism I've seen:D
:o ! I love your firing mechanism!
Best Gun made in Phun!:)
By the way, in which app did you design this?
this sucks, please use controls that mac users can type! i cant fire it cause i have no numpad!!!!:mad:
Well instead of whining you could JUST CHANGE THE BUTTON!

The hinge you're looking for is attached to the box that holds the circle on the far left in place:D
@ mattb What do you mean "which app did you design this?" ?
I just used Phun.
Wow, nice sketching skills:o
Thanks. I used to play line-rider alot so I'm used to using straight lines to make curves and polygons.
this rifle is awesome!!!:) :lol: :D
Full Auto worked perfectly for me. The first time I tried single, though, the bolt popped out.
how do you upload it to phun??? please telll me!!:huh: :huh:
At the top of the page just under where it says Phubox it says "brows upload forums"
Click on upload.
Unless that isn't what you meant.
no how do i put it onto phun:huh:
lol to the mac user, it's your own fault.
Paradigm, how u get the firing mechanism to only bounce when it touches the bullet?
The boxes that allow the pin to slide have 0 bounciness and the bullets have a .5 bounciness which makes them react.
Awesome!!! 10/5!!
Malazaak, you can quickly change that problem by getting a FRICKIN WINDOWS XP OS. Any brainless moron can use Mac, Windows doesn't insult your intelligence.
hey guys check out my gun its called ak-47 and is by dude
UNREALED!!! awesome
amazing......just make it relodible and it will be the best ever!
Jimmy, that wouldn't help, it's not the OS it's the hardware!!! Are you sure you know how to use Windows?
malazaak, if u have no numpad(like me) then u have to hold the fn key and press whichever key is 0 whinle pressing it ( m for me)