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Izmash VZ-12 Gas operated locking bolt rifle

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Author: Tarkov

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.74 MB

Date added: 2020-11-24

Rating: 5

Downloads: 876

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This rifle is cycled by a simulated gas system with a locking bolt.
After a couple of seconds the external parts will be removed so that you can the the inside workings of the rifle.
It shoots subsonic ammunition at 270 m/s trough a baffled muzzle brake.

"Enter" to fire.
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That thing you call a "muzzle brake" is actually a suppressor (also called a "silencer"). A muzzle brake is a lot different.

Muzzle Brake
this thing's got tolerance issues and is unreliable. for starters, it only fires full auto even though it has a disconnector present. it tends to "overchamber" rounds by pushing them too deep into the chamber to actually engage with the extractor or firing pin. the rounds in the magazine are also jostled around really violently when it cycles. make a selector, make that disconnector do its job, and resolve some of those unreliabilities
@Xray, some "silencers" are actually muzzle brakes as far as im concerned. Take a look at some russian "Rotor" muzzle brakes.
@ngphil, Yes i made a disconnector but i was to lazy to make it select fire. I noticed it pushing the rounds into the chamber a bit much but i would've had to make the casing extremely heavy for them not to. The rounds do bounce around more then id like them to, but i'll have to rework the entire round since they collide with eachothers "firing pin".