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Breakable VW scirocco N*3

screenshot of the scene

Author: Designer

Group: Default

Filesize: 110.16 kB

Date added: 2009-05-20

Rating: 5.8

Downloads: 1397

Views: 2071

Comments: 8

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun

what is a tag ?,
beautifull car ,
ok, I understoo,
they is cool,

Scene tag

third version.

This car at summer creates by me.
I have to work the colors of the car so that it is more beautiful.
I have create very beautiful decorations for the crash landing.
This car is the counterpart of VW scirocco. The color at summer chosen according to the concept because which

you have the right to work it over again has your manner. For example to add shock absorbers to him. and a dummy.
but then have the kindness of specified that I am the creator. thank you

Do not forget to slow down the speed of simulation.

use the arrow keys.

Advance straight without you to stop!

if you wish it I can make a model of your choice, on request. :y

thank you to vote and leave comments. :tup: or :tdown:

PS: it is a translating program which translates for me. Me I speak French. still to afflict
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Another rubber/plastic car )|(
Why don't you try make it real weight and hardness? 7/10
Last edited at 2009/05/20 14:12:16 by Kilinich
it is not if rubber that )|( :mad: :(

truth poid? what do you want to say?
Last edited at 2009/05/20 14:15:36 by Designer
Realistic weight isn't important IMO. These cars are 2D, which by nature weighs a lot less than 3D objects, and it's a pain to set all the density so high especially when it doesn't actually affect anything. Weight only genuinely matters if it's on a course with weight-specific obstacles.

As for flexibility, that's complicated to avoid, but I'll agree that a hard breakable car is way better than a squishy one.
I am impressed of renconter an expert in the field. I begin in the crash landing, I does only that! if you wish it I would try to make a version 3D of my scirocco?! Can be have consultings has itself to give me. For example, how to avoid flexibilitée?

thank you very much to leave me as many comments, that encourages me! :y
oohhhhhh… no more comments… :s
Nice agian!:bonk: