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V8 spawn engine

screenshot of the scene

Author: RaRaMalum

Group: Default

Filesize: 15.81 kB

Date added: 2009-05-19

Rating: 6.2

Downloads: 815

Views: 1120

Comments: 6

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


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This is a simple spawn engine with 8 pistons.
Its quite powerful and was made for a project wanted to make a complete car, but I don't have the time.

It might have to be drag started, and like most 2 cycle engines it can be started in both directions.

So if anyone wants to use it in anything feel free.
Last edited at 2009/05/19 21:10:56 by RaRaMalum
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well, this can be used in a car that has this stuff inside:
engine (of course)
driveshaft (how else to get the poer to the wheel)
I'm working on that right now^.
I have finally figured out my automatic transmission. It works quite well, but the gears often lock up and I am thinking about using friction wheels instead, but that takes away the fun. I have a working differential as well. It is a planetary setup, so I may have to think of a way to get the power to the ground. I still need brakes though, then:o it is ready to show...

Btw, nice engine.
hey thats pretty cool lol, the engine is a car in itself :lol:
its good but when i did set it in my car it was so week:tdown: other wise its wery power ful on its own:lol:
The engine is very good and pretty.
Put in a car.
Very cooooollllllll!!!
:cool: :tup:
hey raramalum!
I am a little new to phun (about 3 months ago was when i first found out about it (:cry: ))
in any case, I know that your raunit was an exceptional thing (a thing of beauty?)_o_
well, I have sort of developed a stabilizer of my own that uses multiples of the same box and hinges (nothing else of course) completely by accident!!!!:o i would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with it
if u want, i can find a way to get it to you soon, but I got banned from the forum for spamming and my computers won't let me back on.:cry:. is your name on the forum raramalum or something else (please send a reply on one of my posts sometime (I have only posted a few:
a bridge contest entry; an egg drop contest entry; a rainbow pen; (similar to previous); and a race entry<= please use this one, btw/_o_ _o_
Last edited at 2009/05/28 23:00:25 by stinkbomb