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WTC 911 (More smoke!)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Messiah

Group: Default

Filesize: 88.72 kB

Date added: 2009-05-09

Rating: 7.6

Downloads: 12880

Views: 3205

Comments: 38

Ratings: 25

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

The World trade centre catastrophe.

The plane will crush into the building, and it will collapse.


Click "play" and PRESS "RETURN" ("ENTER") when plane hit the building!

WARNING!!!: Probably will not work in algodoo!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!No stealing !!!!!!!!!!
Last edited at 2009/10/02 18:09:43 by Messiah
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u shud reduce the parts a bit and make 2 planes and 2 buildings:)
edit: and make the smoke rise by giving it a low density.
Last edited at 2009/05/09 18:17:27 by beech
If I will make 2 planes and 2 lpanes, game will be slower...:(
yah i agree
with beech and make them smaller stupid
If I make them smaller it wont help and you can't imagine how difficult it is, dumbass...
Wow, nice scene but bad idea. Why don't people make carbomb scenes*?

*Note: Heavy Sarcasm.
awesome scene! if you promise not to text anymore bad words on phunbox, I'll rate this scene 10/10 along with 5 others.
ok :*) have good scenes_o_ :)
very impressive, good work.:tup:
Thank You :)

im surprised nobody has been offended by this or something and if u do get offended by this then get over it its a good simulation 10/10
Tnx :)
On the contrary to what I said before, if your previous scene sounded like this one, you would of been better off.:/
The tower needs to have another structure behind it for more support. Make the glass breakable. Also, the building shouldnt fall right when the plane hits it :/ 7/10
Omg, you think it is possible to make it all in phun? good luck...<_<
i know its possible. i've seen phun structures like that.
Would you like to show me ? :huh:
Srsly respect! The 9/11 tragedy shouldn't be used as a "fun" thing to do! I bet there are people playing phun and lost their parents in the wtc accident, and i think that this is the last thing they would want to see on the phunbox!
I don't think that there are so many people who lost their parents in this accident on phundox :) And why you respect me ? :huh:
respect for the victims.
He does have a point, you could have called it 'plane hits descructable building' but you chose to call it 9/11 knowing of the many deaths linked to it.

I wouldn't make a gun on phun and then try and link it to hundreds of deaths just for views, thats just sick.
If you don't like it, then dont downlad it!
Whats your problem ?
I call " it 9/11 " because " plane hits descructable building " will be not suitable for this scene. Dont carp at words !
And find employment more interestingly than to spend your time for that to leave here the comments unnecessary to anybody :mad:
"Plane hits destructable building" woudn't have bothered me at all, It's a nice scene but the 9/11 concept was waaay off:tdown:
Go to hell
lol messiah, you fail. You knew 9/11=more views. I'm not offended, but don't try to deny it. It you wanted to make a plane hitting a building you would have named it that.
I didnt focus the attention on viewings and on the name of scene when I was doing this scene...<_<
I dont receive money for viewings so I didnt care about views that much or about any mercenary purposes...<_<
Your comments are just paranoid... О_о
9/11 has been proven to be done by the government.
its been proved yet evryone thinks its these mythical charectors called terrorists.
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