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binary ball calculator 2

screenshot of the scene

Author: fnorgen

Group: Default

Filesize: 137.99 kB

Date added: 2009-05-05

Rating: 8.4

Downloads: 5694

Views: 2462

Comments: 11

Ratings: 16

Times favored: 2

Made with: Phun


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This mechanicle binary calculator can add, subtract, MULTIPLY and count. I'm no good at scripting, so I stick to those old chool, mechanicle, slow, binary, calculator monstrers. it is just a mess and it can fail sometimes, but it works. The controls are not good at all. change them if you want to! If you don't understand the binary number system, you can try the example. If yo don't understand the controls, you are probably not alone.
It always runs the same algorithm:
C register=(1+A register)*B register+C register. Or:
All the controls and instructions, (and some explanations) are in the scene.
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This is really good.:tup:
Wow! This is amazing! 10/10 :tup:
How did you make that look so easy
ive see all your work, you are the master of the binary _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_
That's cool!:P
im to stupid to understand :huh: lol but very nice _o_
I am mesmorized by your awesomeness_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o__o_ +inf/10
Last edited at 2009/06/20 16:25:01 by phunmaster2000
_o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_ _o_

Best Mechanical Calculator Ever
_o_ _o_
nothing more to say
it interesting how you can make such an awesome machine while not being able to explain how to read binary )|(

you said 001 = 4 while 001 = 1

you went on to say that 011 = 6 witch is wrong, 011 = 3

your numbers are explained backwards but once you get over this simple mistake it operates perfectly :tup:
Yeah, you have the numbers backwards, idk who you learned binary from but yeah... dum...