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Squirt, Aim, Move Back (Take 3)

screenshot of the scene

Author: s_noonan

Group: Technical

Filesize: 1.63 MB

Date added: 2019-11-17

Rating: 5

Downloads: 311

Views: 106

Comments: 12

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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Take 1 was Xrayted. Apparently it was too intense for some viewers. It was so objectionable that although Xray deemed it "a scene like that" he could not state what "that" was. I have read the rules and Terms of Service and couldn't find where Take 1 violated them. Let me warn you, some people may find this scene objectionable. It is apparently worse than shooting somebody in the head with a gun, bombing a building, or the Killable Gore Ragdoll. Some of the more astute users may be able to see what's behind the black censored boxes, but it won't be easy for young viewers (we must protect the children).

Rev A: Joey is helping out with cleaning the bathroom.
Last edited at 2019/11/28 11:40:48 by s_noonan
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This scene is a response to:
Title Author Rating Downloads Comments Date added
Ready, Aim, Squirt! Xray 5.6 (2 votes) 1156 20 2019/11/04 21:48:44
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s_noonan -- Like it or not, this website is privately owned. Therefore, the owner can make up whatever rules (or lack thereof) they want, and users (such as s_noonan) must agree to obey the rules as a requirement to use the website. As Admin, Algoryx has given me the responsibility and the authority to enforce the rules, but when something comes into question, such as in the case where the rules may be ambiguous or vague, I have the right and the authority to interpret the rules as I decide. And I do not need to justify my actions to people like you who take joy in challenging authority. I try to be fair in all decisions that I make here on Algobox, but like it or not, I am the final authority. In your little rant above, you stated, "It was so objectionable that although Xray deemed it "a scene like that" he could not state what "that" was." Well, Mr. Noonan, I am not required nor compelled to state anything to you or to anyone else who uses this website. If you disagree with that fact, then you are certainly welcome to go spend your time on some other website of your choosing. I have been an Admin here for many years, and so far, Algoryx has been pleased with my performance. But if you have a complaint about anything that you feel I have done improperly while performing my duties, you are certainly welcome to file a formal complaint with them.
1. Sorry I got you fired up. That was not my intention.
2. I appreciate the selfless work you do and would not want to do it myself.
3. I was not too upset that you deleted the initial scene. I interpreted it as a reflection of society norms where death and destruction are OK but certain bodily functions are taboo.
4. I would have liked to know what was the most objectionable about the scene (the stream source, the stream, or the receiver) so I could take corrective action. Right now the hidden source is a kangaroo with swim trunks (I wasn't sure if naked kangaroos were OK).
5. I think you do a great job, even if we don't agree on everything.
6. I do take some joy in challenging authority, but you're taking some of the fun out of it.
7. I don't think I'll be taking this up with the Algoryx guys.
8. So I guess you won't be rating this scene a 10.
1. Most people don't understand what my "job" is, or what my responsibilities and authorities are. They also don't understand that I do it voluntarily. So, when someone tries to tell me what I'm supposed to do, or what I "should have done" in certain situations, yes, I do get a little fired up.

2. Thanks

3. You are right about "society norms". Without mentioning names, a family member of mine loves watching war movies, murder movies, violent "gangster" movies, and serial killer forensic movies and documentaries. But he/she makes a big stink if they happen to see a sex scene or even a commercial about a sex-oriented personal product. I guess killing and bloodshed are Okay, but the natural reproductive process is not. :rolleyes:

4. Many Algobox users are very young children. It's bad enough when they hear and see things in their own home which no child should be exposed to. As an Algodoo Admin, one of my responsibilities is to shield the younger users from things that only their parents or professional educators should expose them to. Because of the fact that I am not a licensed or degreed child educator, I can only allow or disallow subject matter that I personally feel is either appropriate or not here on Algobox. When I make a decision, it isn't always black and white. I sometimes make a decision based upon my "gut feeling". If something seems inappropriate or disgusting to me, then I will usually not allow it. If someone questions me about my decision (as you did), I will not usually engage that person because it can often turn into a Ping-Pong game of justifying my decision. And so. I usually avoid going any further, and the person simply will have to accept my decision, or possibly end up getting banned if they push me too hard.

5. That's nice of you to say that, and I appreciate it.

6. Yup, I've heard that before!

7. (Xray wipes the sweat from his forehead).

8. No comment.
Thanks for the response Xray. Upon review of my initial comments I can see that it would have made more sense to focus on the shortcomings of the scene than to attack the reviewer.
For future reference, I would not have gotten so "fired up" if you would have contacted me with your concerns via the forum PM system. That way our disagreements would not have been made public.

If you agree, I will delete all of our comments. I could also delete this scene if that's what you desire. Please let me know....

I'm OK with leaving the comments in so that others will learn from my mistakes and it may save you the effort of repeating yourself later on. My preference would be to make this scene equivalent to the original scene but replace the original subject with the kangaroo in swim trunks. I'm still not sure if that's OK, but I assume so since matto's scene with a couple of butt cheeks pinching out a loaf appears to be OK.
Quote: "...but I assume so since matto's scene with a couple of butt cheeks pinching out a loaf appears to be OK."

No, it is not Okay, and thanks for bringing it to my attention. It has been deleted. I am no longer going to allow any disgusting "poop" or "pee" type scenes on Algobox.

Your next question would probably be: "but what about the hundreds of other similar scenes that are posted in the Algobox archives?" Ans: I'm not going to spend many hours of my time going through those old scenes to determine which ones are bad enough to delete and which ones could stay. I am only concerned about future scenes, because those are the ones that kids would immediately click on.

th... th... th... that's all folks!
Well, if you are not going to allow "pee" scenes, then delete this one after reading this comment.
I definitely would have deleted this scene without your permission if it clearly was a scene that depicted bodily functions that the majority of people consider offensive and/or disgusting. But because of the fact that you disguised it so cleverly, anyone viewing it (especially a small child) would not have any idea that it depicts the bodily function known in the medical realm as urination. Therefore, It can stay posted, as far as I'm concerned, unless you would rather it be deleted. But I'm sure that you know that any user can delete their own scenes as long as they do not use the Algodoo built-in browser. You would need to use any common browser such as I.E., Chrome, FireFox, or others.
Last edited at 2019/11/20 07:37:11 by Xray
I always wondered how beer was made, and now I know. It also explains why it has that distinctive flavor.
Wow, an argument resolved in a civilized and friendly manner, where both parties managed to see each other's point of view:D
Seriously, this whole conversation was very nice. At the start I was scared that something bad was going to happen:o
Thank you Xray and s_noonan for being a part of the Algodoo community, and this universe
Quote: "Wow, an argument resolved in a civilized and friendly manner, where both parties managed to see each other's point of view"

Sadly, that is the exception these days. I'm old enough (and I believe that s_noonan is too) to remember that it used to be the norm to "bury the hatchet" and to end most feuds with a handshake. Today, people would rather just kill each other. :(