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Beam Calculator

screenshot of the scene

Author: s_noonan

Group: Technical

Filesize: 208.68 kB

Date added: 2019-10-14

Rating: 6.1

Downloads: 529

Views: 72

Comments: 6

Ratings: 3

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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This beam calculator calculates slopes, deflections, moments, and stresses for beams. This scene is a marvel of Software and Mechanical Engineering. From a software perspective it has 10 widgets with approximately 90 controls (labels, buttons, text boxes, slider, display boxes) and 27,456 lines of code (mostly generated by Algodoo but a good portion by me). From a mechanical perspective it can handle beams of any length, of any material, and in any set of consistent units. It can calculate the section properties for any beam cross-section drawn in Agodoo to any scale. It also handles end supports, point loads, distributed loads, and applied moments. Results are plotted using a method found in Xray's Triggered-S­weep Oscilloscop­e scene. The scene solves beam problems not by using beam equations but by simulating the beam in Algodoo and then reading slopes, deflections, and moments directly from Algodoo objects. The model stays the same size regardless of beam length and results are scaled appropriately. ABS and PLA listed in the table are materials used for 3D printing.

Rev A: Added I-Beam example.
Rev B: Fixed missing eye dropper.
Rev C: Recalculates any fixed beam constraints after beam properties are entered.

Note: Algodoo hinges have a max hinge constant = 1E+8 when the hinge constant is set to NaN. Larger hinge constants fail. This causes some deflection error when using large forces. The examples use kip (1000 pound) and kN units in order to minimize this error (since Algodoo will then treat 1 kip and 1 kN as 1 N).

Last edited at 2019/11/28 10:21:01 by s_noonan
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I'm going to spend the next four years getting my ME degree so that I can understand this scene. But before I start classes, I'm giving this scene a 10, even though it deserves a 100. _o_ :tup: _o_
Thanks Xray.
Holy hell, that's nice.
Better hope nobody designs bridges with this :lol: i don't see any collapsed bridges disclaimer
The Linkage ,

Regarding "Better hope nobody designs bridges with this", if the assumption is that Algodoo is not accurate enough, you may be wrong. If the assumption is that I made a mistake somewhere, you may be right. Regarding accuracy, I compared results with those found on Free Beam Calculator and found that the results agreed within 1% with the the exception of the moments and stress which were within 2%. The main limitations to accuracy are the hinge spring constant (1E+08) and the fact that the beam is segmented. Errors due to these two sources are limited and quantifiable. I could provide an error estimate with the results, but I won't be doing that today. I suspect that most bridge designers these days use Finite Element Analysis (which is a much more elaborate version of what I am doing in this scene). This scene should be OK for hobbyists, Engineering students, and Engineers in non life-threatening applications.
Last edited at 2019/10/15 08:36:30 by s_noonan
Cool! :tup: