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Input X vs Y Oscilloscope Trace

screenshot of the scene

Author: Xray

Group: Default

Filesize: 391.47 kB

Date added: 2019-09-02

Rating: 6.7

Downloads: 2357

Views: 344

Comments: 18

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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In my previous oscilloscope scene, I show how an oscilloscope is normally used to determine if the waveform of an electrical signal is correct or not. The signal deflects the display beam in the Y (up and down) direction, and the built-in timebase deflects the display beam in the X (from left to right) direction. It displays the signal amplitude vs Time. In THIS next scene, I show how some oscilloscopes can be configured to display channel #1 (X) vs channel #2 (Y). Rather than scanning from left to right via the built-in timebase, the beam is scanned up, down, left, right via two separate external signals.

Some clever guys have figured out how to draw images on an oscilloscope using special techniques which is explained in the following link to a YouTube video. My thanks to s_noonan for providing this link: Drawing with sound.
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Title: Triggered-Sweep Oscilloscope
Rating: 5
Filesize: 391.06 kB
Downloads: 381
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Date added: 2019/09/01 02:00:20
Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0
Rating: rated 5
What does "bruv" mean? :s
it's "bruh" thing but I just replaced h with v
I have no idea what you are talking about. Is "bruh" something that kids say to each other? Maybe you can clue me in.
"bruh" is something that you say when something's stupid or like that(I think that's what it means, but I'm not 100% sure...)
or "bruh" means "brother" or "bro"
Okay, so you don't have a clue either. :rolleyes:

I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, and I'm done discussing it.

Xray out....

Anyways, it's cool! :lol:
If you're watching a meme and the person in the meme is asked their height and they respond with "yogurt"
then the bruh sound is played
I have come to the Algolord to ask for some knowledge
What is the conditional statement
As in (condition)? {action}
I have seen the conditional statement before but i dont remember where it was or anything about it except "()? {}"

Thanks Sire Algolord
When the statement has no comparison sign (such as, ==, or >=?, or !=, etc), then the statement is a test of true or false. For example:

Algolord ? {Do this if Algolord returns TRUE}:{Do this if Algolord returns FALSE}

You can also add Boolean operators, such as OR, NOR, AND, etc. For example:

Algolord && Xray ? {Do this if Algolord AND Xray are both TRUE}:{Do this if Algolord AND Xray are NOT TRUE}.

for Boolean OR, use ||
for Boolean NOR, use !|

! is the Boolean NOT sign when used along with a Boolean operator.

Hope this helps.

BTW - You need not address me as "Sire". I prefer "Your Highness". :lol:
This valuable information shall be recieveth with great thankfulness, Your Highness

(fancy for thanks bro>
I imagine there might be an XOR function, but if there isnt, I have this idea.

{A || B && A && B !} ? {executed if A XOR B is true} : {executed if A XNOR B is true}

Would this work?
And is there any way to to a function like on NotCollide or onNotHitByLaser?

Thanks again
XOR can be made with this script: (a !& b) && (a || b)

Spelled out in text it's this: (a NOT AND b) AND (a OR b)

onCollide and laserHit functions have to be handled differently because of the fact that they are intrinsic functions. Concerning onCollide, if memory serves me (and it often does not!), onCollide returns TRUE or FALSE. And so you might be able to simple test it something like this: onCollide ? {yes}:{no}
but not sure. Try it!

And concerning LaserHit, I made a scene to detect when a laser hits and when it does not hit: Laser Hit and Miss

and here is another scene that you maybe can use. Check out my scripts!: Laser and Collide Tricks
Last edited at 2019/09/14 18:04:27 by Xray
Another question for you, Xray (this doesn't get annoying, does it?)
you have recently given me a function for distance between two objects. is there a function that can determine the distance at which a laser changes direction, such as a reflection or refraction, instead of the position of the object that reflected or refracted the laser? such as
math.vec.dist(pos, e.reflection.pos) <something like this?

thanks x 20
Quote: "this doesn't get annoying, does it?"
Reply: "It does get annoying if the answers to your questions can be found in the Algodoo FORUM, and if you did not bother to look for them before asking me for help."

Preliminary answer to your question: "I do not have the answer to your question on the top of my head, but I think that I could figure it out, or maybe find it in the forum. But I will hold off spending any time on it for now until you have a spent a reasonable amount of time doing some research. If you cannot find the answer to your question within a couple of days of looking for it, then let me know and I will give it a try."

Last edited at 2019/09/20 04:52:52 by Xray
So you want to know position of each point where laser beam reflects? That's easy
I used this technique in my car body factory, so you can make shape with laser, then "print" it out
Open laser script menu and overwrite "maxRays" (1000 by default) to 1 and activate script
Script should have simple counter that goes up when it hit something and store actual e.pos (end of laser ray) into array
After few ticks you will get array of ALL positions laser was reflected

SOmething like this:
OnLaserHit e=>{_data=_data++e.pos; maxRays=maxRays+1}

WARNING: Use small laser distance and a few mirrors at start, or you can crash your algodoo with SO MUCH DATA in array, hope this helps!

If you want more, write comment in my most recent scene or on FB (JakubKubo) discord (JakubKubo) or e-mail (

Note: Please erase this comment after some time your higness Xray so my e-mail adress won't be visible for too long (in case I forget to do it myself)