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Color Craziness Day 1 - Hold Your Balance,noot your lunch

screenshot of the scene

Author: Hard Hat Beaver

Group: Default

Filesize: 0.86 MB

Date added: 2019-07-04

Rating: 5

Downloads: 463

Views: 94

Comments: 18

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Looks like Our First Event is Taking Place Right here and Right now,Who will be eliminated first? find out next episode!
Changed Sands pose to make it looks more like hes holding onto the platform
Last edited at 2019/07/05 10:25:54 by Hard Hat Beaver
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[O] because I feel like she's a Kanade and Peach is the Hibiki.

i may or may not be obsessed with sdra2 oop
Is Suns' text color in the intro the wrong one? Anyway, I don't even know who to vote, but I do like these kinds of scenes.
I forgot to say that you can vote for 3
In that case, I also vote [K] and [C].
Oof 3 votes. [C][F][O]
[E] [F] [O]
if you want to,you can say the reasoning of voting
[P] - Bleh
[E] - Bleh
[K] - Bleh
[C] [F] [O]
This seris seems amazing i vote

[O]. [F]. [C]
[C] [E] [P]
[P] [L] [H]

just voting random persons
Dirt [C] A want him to regret pushing off the most people so this is my main vote...
Tangerine [E] How dare you push off Midnight so this is a warning vote...
Lotus [O] Quitters dont win, please dont do this next time...
Yet again people vote for Dirt just because he's a villain. Come on now we need villains.

[O] [E] [D]

Also just try voting Oil... I dare you.
I vote for:
Dirt: [C] I don't like villains plus you pushed off Lime so do I regret this vote, no.
Peach: [P] I don't know, just a bit rudeee.
Lotus: [O] The fact you just quit deserves 1000+ votes.
Voting is over!