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Powerfull V8 - only 35 objects!

screenshot of the scene

Author: JakubKubo

Group: Default

Filesize: 74.49 kB

Date added: 2019-05-08

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 1182

Views: 202

Comments: 10

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

Very powerfull V8 made only from 35 objects
Using negative adhesion

- Dimensions: 1x1.2m
- Weight: 1 170 kg
- Idling at 300 rpm
- Max SAFE rpm: 1800
- Max Torque: 2 * 10^5 Nm at 1600 rpm (rated at 240Hz)

Feel free to use,edit and upload anything in this scene, just give me credits if you use something

Comment please (Or I'll get lonely D: )
Last edited at 2019/05/08 10:33:52 by JakubKubo
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"Everything in this scene is for free???" LOL! :lol: You are so funny, Jakub.
I don't get it:/
Should I upload my account number and price tag everything in scene?
"Get my engine for 20% off!"
Jokes aside, the engine is pretty nice. Insane amounts of power
Last edited at 2019/05/08 16:02:59 by faytree
JakubKubo -- I was making a joke about your comment because it is not necessary to make a statement that anything in your scene is free because we do not allow buying and selling anything here on Algobox. Sorry if you were confused by my comment. I was trying to be funny but, unfortunately, it doesn't always work.:'(
- It is funny but I'm having 5 exams this month so I'm "sleep/food/social life/everything else" deprived because I learn math most of time, so my grammar is really bad
Which is REALLY BAD because one of my exams is english :lol:
- Oh, well you cannot sell something that was created for free because that's illegal, right?(in most cases)
Also by "free" on algobox I mean: STOLE it from me, do whatever you want, but REMEMBER me in descripion (your tombstone, will and hearth too:D )!, then I'm fine with that
- That gave me idea! I'll add pricetags in my next scene, please send money in CZK (I'm abroad):lol:
Fayfree: Wow, bargain! Nice catch!:tup:
Warning: does NOT contain clutch or gearbox, not that it would need those :lol:
Now put it in good use and upload in inside some vehicle!
Last edited at 2019/05/08 22:04:49 by JakubKubo
Nice negative adhesion engine. I like your minimalist design with only 35 objects on 2 layers and no wasted space. The tachometer also looks and works well._o_
lol no RPM limit? What's the point?
It's good, BUT - you could go much higher than just 1800 RPM with spring rods and spring axles. i have no idea what this is, but the max speed for a spawn engine at 240 Hz is about 6 times that - 12000 RPM
Last edited at 2019/05/13 03:16:43 by The Linkage
The Linkage: Thanks!
-This is a diesel engine, so low RPM and high torque is ok
Maybe if I made axles with legacyMode=0 it could rev higher, but it would also lower the torque
- This engine is all about minimal CPU resources, so I can run whole scene at 60fps:D
Last edited at 2019/05/17 23:53:02 by JakubKubo
My engine got to 1799 RPM, are you willing to still allow a return? :lol:
Sure! I'll return you 200% of what you paid for it
Now where is the bill...there is it, so 2-times of what you paid...
Here we go: 2xnothing
Sorry for the inconvenience!