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screenshot of the scene

Author: matto

Group: Default

Filesize: 1.12 MB

Date added: 2019-03-28

Rating: 6.8

Downloads: 2399

Views: 755

Comments: 9

Ratings: 5

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

press space

This scene is built on multiple levels.
If you want to interact with script objects, select layer number 3.

For new users: right-click in a blank area of the screen then select layers>layer3 to access objects with script. Right-click the object and select "script menu" to see the properties and script.
Last edited at 2019/04/08 09:20:02 by matto
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This is actually way better than how it looks from the thumbnail... gotta rate this a 10.
Yes, well done. This should be helpful to users learning how to script.
Last edited at 2019/04/08 23:12:50 by s_noonan
From thumbnail it looks like you used something like my "Particle generators WIP" scene
Pretty scene, but:
- you don't need INFO aprt in your scripts
- I like your form of presentation
I'll give you 10/10
Last edited at 2019/04/06 15:21:11 by JakubKubo
Thank you guys.
I changed the thumbnail ..
@s_noonan I added your description in the initial comment of the scene.
I noticed some bad scripting habits or obsolete parts:
In a lot of your periodic scripts, you wrote things like "0.4+0.5*sin" or "0.1+0.2*sin". You have to remember that sin always goes from 1 to -1, meaning "0.1+0.2*sin" goes from -0.1 to 0.3, which might lead to wierd results, as happened in the changing length Laser Array, or with the refractive index.

Another thing I noticed was the change-position part. there is no reason to add "+ [0,0]", it has as little of an effect as adding 0 to something.
Thanks for the advices!
We never stop improving !!
This is what got me into scripting