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Geometry Dash - Working Level

screenshot of the scene

Author: Ken3344

Group: Technical

Filesize: 169.12 kB

Date added: 2019-03-24

Rating: 6.3

Downloads: 14705

Views: 1094

Comments: 23

Ratings: 6

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0

Geometry Dash,
Marble Platform,

Scene tag

Geometry Dash is a game I used to play, and I decided to make it in Algodoo.
This Geometry Dash Level is a portion of Stereo Madness, try to beat it!

Here's a video of the level:
Last edited at 2019/03/24 23:57:42 by Ken3344
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If anyone wants to see a video of me completing the level, here it is: … sjI66BYIxA
This is very nostalgic for me, brings back old memories. I have no complaints, it looks great! :tup:
Yeah, it's quite a classic. The only thing that would truly make this a reality is if Algodoo had sound. Please update this soon Algoryx... :)
Bravo! It's awesome! (And works)
Nice work. Regarding sound, see AlgoSound (Algodoo Sound) on YouTube.
I noticed a lot of people try to make Geometry Dash on Algodoo, but most don't automatically push the player across the map. I decided to put an end to that once and for all. :lol:
Does this work with Mac? That's the only problem I think I can encounter while using AlgoSound.
Q: Does this work with Mac?
A: Most likely, but I have not tried it on a Mac. I wrote AlgoSound in (2) programming languages; vbSript and Python. VBScript works on Windows. Python works in Windows and should also work on a Mac. The only thing with Python is you need to download and install Python, pygame, numpy, and gtts. See AlgoSound for details.
Very good scene as always!
I subscribed to you.
Thanks! :tup:
how do you make to make that the ball can jump ?
anyway, it's awesome. 9.5/10.
I can't jump over triple spikes.
The marble has a script in the poststep.
vel = [2, vel(1)];
keys.isdown("up") ? { == 1 ? {
vel = vel * [1, 0] + [0, 2.9]; = 0
} : {}
} : {}; = pos + [0, 0.25]; = 300;
App.GUI.playMode = true;

You really need to worry about this:
vel = [2, vel(1)];
keys.isdown("up") ? { == 1 ? {
vel = vel * [1, 0] + [0, 2.9]; = 0
} : {}
} : {}

The first line will make it constantly move right, vel(1) allows it to move up and down freely.
The if statement says that if "up" is pressed, check if is equal to 1. Else, do nothing. If is equal to one, make the vel go up, then make equal to 0, else, do nothing.

The plane has this script in oncollide:
(e)=>{ = 1

It basically says to make the variable equal to one.

This may sound complicated, so I might consider making a video explaining it! :lol:
I don't see any triple spike areas. :s
I've decided to give Algosound a try, however, I am confused with your tutorial. I'm currently stuck at this step:

"Download and install Python, pygame, numpy, and gtts. See How To Download And Install Pygame On Python 3.6.0 On Windows 10 if you have any problems. I know the video is for Windows OS, but installation for other OS's is similar."

I am not sure how to get Python to use pygame and numpy in a way so I can use the scene that was provided to me. I'd appreciate if you can clarify that, as it is keeping me from using Algosound properly.
1. Download Python and verify it is working.
2. Download the correct version of PyGame for your OS.
3. Use Python to install pygame, numpy, and gtts. Using Python to install the other programs puts the programs in the right location on your PC.
4. has import statements that automatically link the other programs to it. You can open with a text editor and see the import statements at the beginning of the program. must be running while running the AlgoSound test scene.
Last edited at 2019/04/08 10:26:37 by s_noonan
this is a bit hard but i love it!
I wanted people to have a challenge! :lol:
check out my game but sadly is short and a lite not long
better i build longer (LONGER COMING SOON 2019 6 MAY)