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Kamaz with mechanical hidraulic lift

screenshot of the scene

Author: vaidas369

Group: Default

Filesize: 363.5 kB

Date added: 2019-03-24

Rating: 7.2

Downloads: 6089

Views: 446

Comments: 14

Ratings: 7

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

All you need is in a scene. I borrowed the truck model from red_dragon.
please rate so it wont die.

and excuse any grammar in a scene lol.

have fun.

Small visual and grammar edits.
Last edited at 2019/05/06 09:06:13 by vaidas369
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Who just ignored the description and just started pressing buttons? :lol:
Ken3344 - lol that's probably what all did but when they figure out its not going to work they start reading guidance lol. It is not one or two buttons lol
Pretty good, except sometimes the engine randomly dies after 3-4 seconds of idle...
pnvv - you mean just after start up or by him self? I never encounter this issue myself.
yeah, like, the engine gets unstable and stalls after like 3-5 second... Plus, sometimes the crane doesn't get power from the engie.
I don't know, I can't find anything wrong with the engine and the crane always gets the power from the engine as long as you attached it with ctrl key. When crane is fully down let's say it takes a little more then 2 seconds for him to move due to the way it was constructed. If the gears are moving crane moves too you jus can't notice. Well I'll look up the engine anyway, thanks for comments.
The crane functions decently most of the time, but the gears are prone to very occasionally jump teeth which can cause it to have a stuttery action sometimes. Why didn't you use cgears?

P.S. I'm still building
i have not tried it but i was thinking it might make scene lot slower. The less parts you have the better.
i love it but, the range is a little odd, at first i thought it was a gear splitter (1L,1H,2L,2H...etc) i quickly found out its a true range split(1L-9L,1H-9H) but i did find an issue, going from 9 low range to 1 high range was useless, it would over rev and throw pistons into orbit lol, instead it makes me have to go from 9 low to 3 high or 4 high. i dont know if it ws intended this was but its an awesome design either way
this is some good work right here bro
doink - lol i did not though anyone would play it to such detail. Nah i just stack gears and that.s it, i did not knew people even cared about it so much.
what's with that 2013 gear shifter? Lol

The scene is very good. I only found one issue, where you have no indication that the engine started (oil pressure and alternator lights just flicker slightly after like 10 seconds of holding the starter key)

I actually found a way to make much faster engines at much lower frequencies, for example the max speed you can get at 120 Hz is 6000 RPM. you might be able to lower frequency to 90 Hz (60 Hz gives you 3000 RPM, but it's rough) and limit speed to something on the lines of a kamaz engine (or just make it go full speed, 4500 RPM)

Takes some time and patience though, we could add you to our Telegram if you'd like to know
You have a telegram now? lol idk. You can add me though. Even so I'm no so active as for a scene making like old days.
well, nobody is.
tell me your number somehow (maybe skype - i don't use it since like 4 yrs ago but i can fire it up again)