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planetary gearbox attempt

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Author: faytree

Group: Default

Filesize: 60.92 kB

Date added: 2019-03-07

Rating: 5

Downloads: 433

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Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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The idea behind this scene came to me when I was wondering why most cars nowadays in Algobox are not running on a planetary gearbox, and the result of that idea is this.

This gearbox is a 6 speed planetary transmission which each gear shifts are controlled by "clutch packs" which in this scene are replaced with brakes.
This was also supposed to be installed into a car, powered by a proper engine which explains the input's high rpm numbers.
It worked fine on the first and second or maybe until third driving gears but it failed miserably right after that.

As you can see in the graph, the gearbox begins to lose a lot of power(assumably) and gives out inconsistent rpms to the output wheel. Even on the 4th gear which was supposed to be a "direct drive" gear, you can see that it still struggled to transmit all of the power from the input which results to around 50-51% angular velocity loss.

Despite it being broken, I still want to share it with you guys because, well it looks interesting at least. With that said, I opened a challenge to all of you.
The challenge is to build a car with a planetary gearbox that could travel at least 100km/h. Good luck;)

A: Upshift
Z: Downshift
Last edited at 2019/03/07 13:26:13 by faytree
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Nice! Even though I barely understand the description! :lol:
@Ken3344 is my English that bad??? :lol: