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Escape the house lv4 (See description)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Vidar

Group: Default

Filesize: 49.73 kB

Date added: 2009-04-24

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 2764

Views: 1781

Comments: 32

Ratings: 9

Times favored: 0

Made with: Phun


Scene tag

Hello ^_^ this is the fourth and long awaited level of escape the house, not counting the tutorial. Now if you havn't played the TUTORIAL level you should, otherwise this level wouldn't be fun … ails/19523 (the tutorial level) . If you think I should change the difficulty or change something that you can't understand COMMENT. This time you are going to ride the train of "doom death and destruction" nice name huh? Its gonna be a hell of a ride :angel: . Anyways there is going to be a couple of new rules, they are explained in the first cart :bonk: . There was a bug when riding the train should be fixed now.
Have fun
Last edited at 2009/05/09 17:40:42 by Vidar
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Yay, finally it came.:)
Edit: I failed, I were in the last cart and I removed it, but it slided to the great wall of death. I hope you don't get mad if I make my own "death train".
Last edited at 2009/04/24 19:33:06 by Keppo
O HEAH! the new oe has been released! please continue making them,pleeze! i love ur games! make more and i rate 10/10!
Thank you all ^_^, I decided to make a time based one, also making it harder, and Keppo I'm fine if only you credit me a bit for it. But now I need Ideas for lv5 since I cant think of anything at the moment :s
cool ! ! !
but is a kind of hard ! xD
in level 5 you can make a boss or something about that !
i think my idea is good !
rate : 10/10
Yes, this was supposed to be a harder level since the last levels were..... easy?
But no, the boss wont be coming until like lv10
but just like a 2nd boss !
it would be cool . . .
in the middle lvl 5 is a perfect lvl to have a mini-boss !
I agree. I also rate 10/10.
i'll se what I can do
level 5 could be underwater maybe a squid miniboss and you could battle it inside a submerine:lol:
well, it could be, but the train didn,t stop at the ocean did it?:bonk:
yay nice train! its really hard but really fun:lol:
U could always make some sort of a rollercoaster:lol: but not too hard:)
roller coaster??? no, it wouldn't work, unless it just was one that you had to jump of at a moment or sumthing liek that (something like that :P hehe)
are you working on level 5 right now?
no :'( , I havn't found any ideas really, not even for the boss..... so it might take 1-2 weeks minimum :unsure:
bygg med slotts tema :lol:

du kan ju ha en katapult med eller något
after narrowly escaping the train he finds a portal (tube behind portal) and falls through into another world huh huh the portal could be behind the train when you start level 4 for that last idea i was thinking it plunged into a ocean but after i sent the comment i rememberd that you escaped the train
omg very long comment:P
hah:lol: well I've started the level and XD you actually said one thing right, on the next stage you are in candyland O_o and you were teleported there by a..... I think you know:P
by a teleport?
cool:lol: lol i better not eat those lollipops...:rolleyes:
LOL another correct guess:lol: (lollipops are keys)
ok nice idea, and are giant chocolate bars going to fall and kill u? :P
but whan are u finished with lvl 5?:drool:
make a giant candy monster the boss. if you know how to script, make him create candy (your choice on what kind) and have them fall. they are killers, so you have to avoid them. I made 2 boss levels with a different game (rolando).
Hmmm, nope i dont know how to script:(
Script? u mean have pictures on polygons and stuff?:huh:
when will you finish the lvl 5 ?
i'm ansious !
Yea, i wanna play!:lol:
Well.... it might take a week or so, I think that I am going to make a bossfight but of what kind I am not sure.:s
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