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Shape Menu

screenshot of the scene

Author: s_noonan

Group: Technical

Filesize: 53.23 kB

Date added: 2019-01-20

Rating: 5.6

Downloads: 292

Views: 153

Comments: 7

Ratings: 2

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


Scene tag

(5) polygon shapes

Rev A: (6) shapes was (5). Now works in design mode. Smaller buttons. Use as phunlet.
Last edited at 2019/06/01 19:17:03 by s_noonan
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Can you generate a unicorn? :love:
Sure it's cool thing, but I removed script that everytime you press "Play" it goes to Play Mode, and the thing with zoom, and i changed it so instead of mouse click i press enter to generate shapes
Q: Can you generate a unicorn?
A: Yes.

It's good that you can modify the scene to your preferences. Do you think the shapes should be automatically glued to the background upon creation or should they be unglued and collision layer A like the Algodoo default for shapes?
s_noonan, sure the shapes shouldn't be glued and should have A collision layer just like circle, box and polygon tool.
Very nice, good work!!!_o_
@JakubKubo: Indeed, your idea of creating tool for animals, which
can be customized and have hinges, springs and actors inside, is also
a challenge; which concrete ideas you have in mind concerning the unicorn?
It could e.g. have a star-emitting horn... what do you want?
Not that i could fulfil your wishes easily;) But some of us might work together, including yoursel!;)
Thanks for the comments and ratings. I failed to mention that the menu can be saved as a phunlet and that when you press "shift" while drawing, you create a circle or square.

Strv-7 ,
I tried your suggestion but then decided against it since I didn't like objects falling or colliding immediately after creation.
- I was just joking about that unicorn, but ok? here we go:
- Unicorn should fart rainbow, propelling it towards, also as defence mehanism it should vomit sparkles and shoot laser from it's horn, in case of emergency it should suicide and explode like supernova:D
- I would like to collaborate, I have a hidden talent (so well hidden I need to find it first) :lol: