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Base defense game (fixed)

screenshot of the scene

Author: Juicicle

Group: Default

Filesize: 194.54 kB

Date added: 2018-12-11

Rating: 5

Downloads: 1731

Views: 238

Comments: 8

Ratings: 1

Times favored: 1

Made with: Algodoo v2.1.0


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WIP: enemy spawning is always the same every game (for now)

Click on buttons to field an army, upgrade your income
and defend your base!

Im always welcome to feedback and suggestions: I read
the comments often (even if I don't comment back)
Would also like to rename most of these units.

Fixed: some issues with the base, and Siege accidentally costing $1000.
Last edited at 2019/01/06 11:45:11 by Juicicle
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Nice scenes, I wonder if I can decorate the map ;-;
Bug report: When you spawn a shield unit while the enemy is very close, you lose HP constantly
It's pretty hard! Good job otherwise!
I will add this to my favourites!
This deserved way more downloads...
I Have No Words,ITS EPIC!,It needs more Units Btw,even if im not a good scripter ill copy this and then add a bit more Units (dont worry,all of the credit will always go to you),Please dont get angry at me,im just a person that gets better at scripting by looking and editing Scripts and Codes
Great DEMO, but it is too hard for me:/
Also some circles are there two times, so it spawn 4 enemies at same time, half of them flying, it is pretty bad, because they crawl over HUGE cluster"love-making" in middle and over all units just into my house
I'm adding your scene to my favorites ASAP!
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